Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my *2010* is over...and I'VE MOVED!

*2010* was,
for the most part,
a really awesome year for me.
I was not thrilled to wish it goodbye,
but with the changing tides...
this little blog HERE has also served me well.
goodbye to you too, little blog.
Thanks for the memories.
I'll love you forever.
find me at my *new* blog:
by clicking on the image.
Toodle loo, 2010.
I'll never forget you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


(you thought I was gonna say 'YEAR', right?
Well, that too.)
click below to read about the [[rocky]] launch of my *new*blog*::

See ya there!

Friday, December 31, 2010

NewYear' arrived so quickly...

*please press*
"...every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end..."
This above line is the essence of why I'm not *uber* enthusiastic about a new year.
I have to admit that I'm not the best with goodbyes, and not the best with change.
New Year's bring on both.
they bring a new beginning,
but I'm not always so *hiphiphorray* about my old beginning's end.
This winter has found me a bit low.
Haa haa! I laugh because every other NewYear'sEve post I've read is like,
"So Excited!" "Bring it on, 2011!" "This year's gonna rock!"
On this present day, I'm just not feeling it.
I've been much lower than I was last winter, so I'm just tryin' to ride through it, do things good for my soul.
So, good for my soul is gratitude.
I have such immense gratitude for all the good and love that was brought into my life this year.
and that
came in
many forms
this year:
  1. a gorgeous, lazy, filled-with friends, vegetable January 1st of the year
  2. the completion of Liz Gilbert's *eat*pray*love*
  3. learning a new sport: SNOWBOARDiNG!! here and here.
  4. the love from the 5th grade and 1st grade that I student taught in
  5. my biking and biking and biking adventures
  6. all the running and running and running I did
  7. oh, and probably my *favorite* from the year was my

Friday, June 11th to Sunday, June 13th weekend,

which was the weekend I got *the babies*:

they have made my *2010* a truly awesome year
I love them so much.
...and with the passing of Dinah, my cat of 18 years, in October,
it was like the universe knew I wouldn't have been able handle it without
the love of some more babies.
they are truly a blessing, and
forever will I be grateful to have them.
*my babies*

In the late part of Summer 2010, I had some killer awesome lazy hot days of BBQ, a trip to Busch Gardens, and then a visit to South Florida to visit one of the most amazing people in my life: my Grandma and then to exciting Key West.


September was the rape of my glorious Summer, the start of the sham-college stress of my thesis class, but I'm grateful for my September because of the beginning of the year subbing moments that cracked me up! Here and Here.
October was hard from me right off the bat, because I got incredibly sad about my cat's passing.
I did not expect how hard I took it.
the stress of the thesis
was starting to take its toll on my functioning summer-brain.
I did manage, however,
to have a really fun Halloween with the guys.
One that I'm extremely thankful for, as it was
the first time I dressed up since 2005,
the love and good
continued in November
and then
reached an amazing 1,000 viewers of this *newborn*baby*blog* HERE.
the above is hilarious.
the last page of the really not-that-funny desk calendar I got last year for Christmas.
toodles, lame calendar.
then, December.
the most outstanding greatness was the completion of my thesis, and thus, of Grad school.
That really is awesome. Awesomeness at its height!
the babies' first snow was wonderful to witness as well.
the getting of my first SLR camera was filled with love and gratitude.
...and now
HERE I am.
...for the last time?
Hmmm...probably yes, or one of the last times.
...AND speaking of love and good that this year has brought with it,
This Blog!
blogging and you guys and my *2010* is here
has brought so much brightness and creativity and focus and awareness
in my life, that honestly,
would have floated on by had I not had this baby blog HERE.
thank you, thank you, thank you, readers,
for reading. <--haa haa! [that's the best I got]
I hope you stay tuned in with me...espesh since I'll be bloggin'
on my *new*blog*...which I'll tell you all about on its launching: TOMORROW!
so yeah.
toodles, 2010.
You were hella good to me, although looking back, it might look to other people as a lame year.
I loved you,
now, with 2011 less than a day away,
I clasp my hands together,
look up to the universe, and say,

Happy New Year!

Hope you have an awesome night!

Muah, muah, and muah!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

my *2010* has got *one*day*left*...

...but, it's okay.
I've got my *new* Nikon for 2011.
...and yeah, I've been allllllllllll about it this week,
bein' trapped inside for DAYS because of Sunday's blizzard.

I love the sound it makes when it snaps a moment.
[i won't even try to type the sound here.
an onomatopoeia couldn't capture how lovely it sounds.♥

here the babies were sitting by the window as we were shovelling:

They seem just as confused about what to make of all the snow as the NYC Department of Sanitation did for four straight days!

YA PLOW IT, idiots!


they are funny.
my Nikon's awesomely fast shutter speed
made it possible to capture Carmen's "face".
The face of hers I painted on the pumpkin.
...that reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield's:
so, *new*'s a love affair...
...can you say "sharp"?
♥ my two sleepy babies ♥ ***
So, my *2010*,
tomorrow's the last day of you.
I might get a little teary-eyed,
but i'll stop once I think of
how my sweet little darling baby girl
looks like Rodney friggin' Dangerfield.
So weird.
2011 with my Nikon should be fun,
[which is only a day away]
is the launch of my

...and gosh darnnit, I've been working all cabin-fevered on it the past few days. I even taught myself some HTML. No joke! You saw these suckers: "♥" all up in this post?

I learned that!


Soooo cool.

I'm excited about it.

Hee Hee.

That's about all for today.

I'll have a post up tomorrow, but if you don't visit, then I wish you whole-heartedly, a resounding

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


this year has been my first year of *blogging*
and so last year's NewYear's Eve, when I stumbled
i thought,
"That is NewYear'sEve perfection!"
if my hUMUNgo ass
wouldn't hang out of shorts like those, I'd buy 'em.
so, anyway...I've had my big fat heart set on
for NewYear's.
it everywhere:
Kate Moss's *black*SeQUiNS* cat-suit.
friggin' awesome!
Kimmy K's
Alice+Oliva mini dress
...and I don't know this chick's name,

...but she's got a friggin' awesome *black*SeQUiNS* maxi shirt!



{{deep sigh}}

i wish it was going to be a bang-zang-a-rang kind of New Year's Eve that I picture in my head, but frankly, this year, it won't be.

the mounds of un-plowed snow contributes;

the place I'm at contributes;

the lack of enthusiasm from friends contributes ["...Let's stay gets crazy out there on NY'sEve..."] ... bunch 'o ninnies!

however...#26: Let. Myself. Be. At. Where. I'm. At.

I've been trying.

plus, my *bitt* is the cutest EVER! ...and got me this for Christmas [in black sequins] which -- if I'm not having that awesome, goin' out NewYear'sEve -- I can still jazz up with a cardigan or blazer...make it happen. ;)


what NewYear'sEVE outfits are ya'll plannin' on rockin'?? ...and what're your plans!?!?!

happyWednesday, ya blog-readin' beautie-pies!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*crappy*pics* of Krist

hi, honeys!
snowed-in for the second day in a row
here in Queens, NY.
check here.
look here.
what i've been productively doin' though,
is workin' on my *new blog* for 2011
and beyond!
MAN, it's work!
...with all the *new blog* work I'm doing,
i had no time to edit the few pics from Christmas I took,
but know it was a lazy lazy day,
it was family-filled,
and...well...take a peek:
haa haa!
this year's tree was so bare-branched on the bottom!
the babies' gifts
new EdHardy-like shirts,
...and collars
[which Carmen doesn't seem to have on here]
...and a spin-around go-chase-it-go mouse toy:

the babies were my mega-gift,
given to me earlier this year, in June,
by the universe almighty.
*heart* my binos *heart*
this was the only pic from my
Aunt & Uncle's house I took:

just laziness/laziness/laziness.
ate and lounged and ate and gamed-it and lounged.
i felt drunk,
but hadn't drank anything.
...and some gifts:
new *white watch*
new *white subtle-sequins scarf*
oh yeah...

...and I got my Nikon D3100.



happy Tues, lover duckies!

Monday, December 27, 2010

my *2010* is almost UP

my new blog is launching...
hope you check it.


to all you L.A. - Wes' SIGH-YEED - Cali bloggers,
we East-Cost bloggers listened to all your
woes about the rain last week.
here's our woes about the gosh darn snow e'rywhere!!
below is what everyone walking
around outside looks like:
oh, it sucks.
i have a full day of snow-shovelling to look forward to.
being bossed around by the 'rents and strenuously scoopin' and tossin'
scoopin' and tossin' and scoopin' and tossin' and wiping the snot and scoopin' and...
how do I politely explain that, "ahem, ahem...I'd rather stay inside on my new blog for 2011. You see, I feel like i'm done using the *Blogger* platform and would rather explore the possibilities of TypePad, but I don't know how to make my way around, and I'd really like to spend my free time this week trying..."
Oh Lord.
That would not go well
with my chore-crazy mother!
Haa haa!
So thanks, snow, for adding hours
of back-breaking work to already
sore and beat-up inactive winter body.
[did I mention how much I miss the Summer?]
[did I mention how much I H.A.T.E. the cold?]
okay, well,
taken from
lazy, dazy
Christmas Eve
arriving at
the boyf's
for our
X-mas Eve
lazy cats.
really lazy cats.
[8 months old now, btw]
Christmas Eve
curly curly curly curling-ironed curls
[posted about for the first time - a long time ago - here]
underneath those curls
were my new
heart earrin's
[uhmmmm...they were $1.50...shwiiing!!]
curls accompanied by my
kitty-cat ModCloth top
which I spotted
in this post at
the beginning of
the month.
i love this top.
i also love this necklace.
not sure where I bought it, though.
did you catch the pattern???
along with my
gold nails:
[kinda looks like bokeh light bubbles, eh?]
bling blingy bling,
sparkle, sparkle.
even on the houses
in the Brooklyn neighborhood
by the boyf's grammy's house:
every blow-up Christmas decoration in creation,
on one front lawn.

ten-foot tall wooden soldiers up against your house's Grecian columns??



What's gonna be overkill is the work in the snow I mentioned earlier that's coming my way in later hours of today.


Happy Monday-after-X-mas!

Hope it leaves you chillin'.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


from me to you, love.
below was one of my favie childhood cartoons to watch during Christmas week.
so, since you're here now, at this stole-away moment on this special day,
take a quick viewing, to keep your spirit bright:
I hope you've received all you wanted today,
in addition to peace and love and laughter.
now go, soak up more of your family, and I'll (hopefully) see you tomorrow.
merry Christmas.
happy Christmas.
jolly Christmas.
lovely Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

little *blog*GAME*SHOW* for X-mas Eve

three doors.
[whoops! I forgot the delete the door knob. tee hee.]
okay, so two *binos* down.
what could be
oh boy.
three chubs:
small heads,
large bottoms.
Mr. Frosty // Mr. Fats // little Miss Sweets
staring out,
watching us leave.
merryChristmasEve, loves.
these two (in the middle & right) have been
the greatest gifts of the year.
I'm thinking about last year's ChristmasEve,
and the sentiments I had.
Although this year's Christmas hasn't been as calming and serene and enjoyable as last year's,
I hold on to last year's post with the hope that the *dream scene* I wrote about will come true.
for the fifth time since we've been together.
secret santas.
midnight gift exchange.
filipinos galore.
the only thing missing will be these craze-o's:

i kinda hope we see some snowflakes tonight, too.

...but not the *sticking* kind.

'kay. have a blessed one.

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