Monday, December 27, 2010


to all you L.A. - Wes' SIGH-YEED - Cali bloggers,
we East-Cost bloggers listened to all your
woes about the rain last week.
here's our woes about the gosh darn snow e'rywhere!!
below is what everyone walking
around outside looks like:
oh, it sucks.
i have a full day of snow-shovelling to look forward to.
being bossed around by the 'rents and strenuously scoopin' and tossin'
scoopin' and tossin' and scoopin' and tossin' and wiping the snot and scoopin' and...
how do I politely explain that, "ahem, ahem...I'd rather stay inside on my new blog for 2011. You see, I feel like i'm done using the *Blogger* platform and would rather explore the possibilities of TypePad, but I don't know how to make my way around, and I'd really like to spend my free time this week trying..."
Oh Lord.
That would not go well
with my chore-crazy mother!
Haa haa!
So thanks, snow, for adding hours
of back-breaking work to already
sore and beat-up inactive winter body.
[did I mention how much I miss the Summer?]
[did I mention how much I H.A.T.E. the cold?]
okay, well,
taken from
lazy, dazy
Christmas Eve
arriving at
the boyf's
for our
X-mas Eve
lazy cats.
really lazy cats.
[8 months old now, btw]
Christmas Eve
curly curly curly curling-ironed curls
[posted about for the first time - a long time ago - here]
underneath those curls
were my new
heart earrin's
[uhmmmm...they were $1.50...shwiiing!!]
curls accompanied by my
kitty-cat ModCloth top
which I spotted
in this post at
the beginning of
the month.
i love this top.
i also love this necklace.
not sure where I bought it, though.
did you catch the pattern???
along with my
gold nails:
[kinda looks like bokeh light bubbles, eh?]
bling blingy bling,
sparkle, sparkle.
even on the houses
in the Brooklyn neighborhood
by the boyf's grammy's house:
every blow-up Christmas decoration in creation,
on one front lawn.

ten-foot tall wooden soldiers up against your house's Grecian columns??



What's gonna be overkill is the work in the snow I mentioned earlier that's coming my way in later hours of today.


Happy Monday-after-X-mas!

Hope it leaves you chillin'.

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  1. He he! We are the opposite - I TOTALLY LOVE this snow! I'm much like a child... I've spent the last month (at least) watching the weather report and the predictions for snow come up and fade! Until this one! & I'm in heaven! LOVE IT!!! (except, would have loved it more if it had meant no school!!)

    I might not love it as much if I had any shoveling to do, but then again, I think I might head out and do a little for my house-mates later today :) Stay warm, think warm thoughts, take some pretty white photos :)


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