Saturday, December 11, 2010

*hilarious* (maybe not for anyone but my sis & i) christmas-tree getting story

i know i've already posted about our decorated tree,
but i never yet posted about the getting of that tree.
it happened last weekend.
i happened at HomeDepot.
it was quite funny.
Helene [my mom] was a one-woman show!
trippin' over string,
knocking down trees,
bossin' the HomeDepot workers around,
just bein' Helene.
All in her high-heeled boots, and
animal print purse swinging around!
notice Bitt, on the left, just enjoying a ticket to the Helene-show.
after we bought it,
we got outside and realized nobody was there to help us put it on the car.
this random man, whose wife must've been pissed,
volunteered to help us.
he got two strings of rope, he'd toss it over the hood to me, and I'd pass
it back to him through the car.
Helene & Bitt just watched.
When the man was done, we said our 'thank yous'
got back in the car, and
my mom said,
"SEE! There are men out there who know that we women don't know how to do this SH*T!"
Bitt & I started laughing.
...and then in true Helene-fashion,
finished up with,
"I watched him do it, though.
It's not hard.
Now I know for next time."
she cracks me up.
i guess you had to be there.
it was ridiculous from the start.
before we even *GOT* to HomeDeep,
we saw this guy:

yep. a senior citizen in his motorized chair that...what...reaches, like, top speed of 10 mph?...about to cross that busy intersection.

from our car seat, all three of us were like, "What's he doin'? What's that guy doin'?"

then, Helene [with her input again] goes,

"Maybe he thinks he's being patriotic."


oh goodness. happSAT.

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