Thursday, December 2, 2010 *Chalkboard*Thought*Bubble* came...

...and this was the first thing on my mind to write on it:::

[*chalkboard thought bubble* blogged about here. purchased here.]

yep. FUCK sham-COLLEGE.

sorry if this offends anyone, but i write this post on behalf of myself, my sister, and anyone else forced to spend these next two weeks of their semester doing pointless drone work to make a grade. it's December...all i want to focus on is gingerbread cookies and brain's officially an unrecognizable goo...and sham-college and its petty "requirements"'ve read the board.

that's all.

in the future, i see using my awesome *new*little* fun-board for much more positive posts and statements, but give me 'til the end of my thesis paper for that. hee hee.

just two more weeks.

'kay. love yous.


  1. HAHAH! I hear ya girl! I remember one particular semester at Parsons I left my hard drive with my most important senior project on it at the lab because as you say my brain had become an unrecognizable goo, of course someone stole it, and I had to start all over with only days to re-do what had taken a semester! I could've used your cheeky little chalkboard thought bubble right about then!

  2. Woot! I like that little fun-board. ingenious! And I like what you wrote. Every college deserves a nasty hate message written on a fun-board! it just wouldn't be college without it! Diggin' your blog!

    Peace, Love & Puppies,


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