Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rockefeller NYC Tree & *The Snowflake & The Bubble*

last weekend.
windy.cold & crowded.
our best shot:
the tree is always...nice...
...but for me, it's always what's
around the tree that is the most exciting.
for example...
...the 3D projection show on side of Saks Fifth Avenue.
it's called
*The Snowflake & The Bubble*
here is the video of the actual thing::
[although goddamn blogger cuts off the video, and I don't know how to edit the crap out of the Html to fix that, or if I even could fix that, but anyway...]

if you're ever in NYC during Christmas time, it's check-out worthy *for sure*



the rain is coming down here in NewYawk, and I'm up uber early for *friggin*BRUNCHwit "SANTA" [a.k.a. the fat, bearded (and kinda douchey) kitchen-manager]at the SportsGrill.


okay, dat's it.

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