Tuesday, December 7, 2010

in my fantasy, i'm at an early Summer morning street fair in France

...instead of just about ready to start *Day2* of my week from sham-college Hell.
but, good news!!
i showered!!!!
did some *french*braids*,
lathered on some Revlon lipstick in *black*cherry*, as seen here,
quickly La PhotoCabine -ed myself:

...to show the world,

"hey world, I might be a prisoner in my room writing a sham-college paper i couldn't give two-shits about and that probably won't affect my future one way or another, but i can look like a total 'tard doin' it! "
i'm gonna prob need to wipe off the lippystick, though,
with all the kitty-smooching breaks i take...
okay...haPPy TueSday.

1 comment:

  1. sham college? lol.

    you, your braids and red lipstick look HOT mama! rock it girl!!!


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