Thursday, December 31, 2009

*linger* on the *last day of the decade*

December 31st, 2009
*the last day of the decade*
I still remember what I did for *new year's eve* 1999:
i went to my friend Danielle's grandma's house.
I was 16 years old.
my hair was cut above my shoulders.
i didn't know that I didn't know anything
Drives me crazy how 'just yesterday' that seems.
since then my decade has found me...
...*in love* for the first time
...two times *in love* after that
...a witness to the fall of the Twin Towers.
...without *my Nana*
...answering to my *true calling* a serious relationship of three-and-a-half years <3
...a health buff (most days)
...a bike-enthusiast
...obsessed with mopeds
...with way too much time on my hands
...with not a single second free to pee
...losing touch with old friends
...gaining new friends
...happy beyond comprehension
...with too much fear to know what to do with
...with gorgeous sleep
...without sleep
...swimming in a sea of GOOD music
...drowning in an ocean of crappy music
...pleasantly surprised, by the end.
I started out the decade being a confused little girl.
Now I'm on this BLOG as a confused young woman.
I can't believe 2010 starts tomorrow, ya'll.
In the blink of an eye, it'll be *New Years Eve 2019*.
I raise my champagne glass to you, readers,
and wish you a
Happy New Year,
Happy New Decade!

May your *2010* have you accepting each minute as an *unrepeatable miracle*.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moped Barbie??!!

While taking my *cousin Claudia* to Toys'R'Us to use up her fun $50 gift card, I found THIS down the Barbie isle:
THIS *b!#$h* got a moped, and I don't??


(it even comes in blue)

Does anyone else *outfit sketch*??

You know, *outfit sketch*...
...draw and color *potential outfits* for yourself days before a *night out*?
Haa haa! I do!
(I'm a "L"oser.)

(above: these were the two piece of clothing I was working with)

here's the *outfit sketching* I did before my cousin's *sweet 16* party in May:

above: go with all-black outfit #1, or magenta Armani Exchange #2

above: i ended up deciding on the magenta number ;)

above: ...annnndddd there's me dancin' it away at the *sweet 16*

(Do I look like my *outfit sketch??*)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's skip to the end of May 2010...

...because I don't think I can wait to see Sex And The City 2!!
I really enjoyed the first one, and I was in love with the show, so naturally, I can't wait for #2.

Check out the trailer that I first spotted on the fabbbbulous "real" BLOG A Cup of Jo.

Monday, December 28, 2009

What a lovely *Christmas* holiday...

This is what made up my *Christmas Eve* & *Christmas*:

Christmas Eve dinner with the boyf's *Filipino family*

a *sultry* smooch with a roast pig

a lovely look at some lobstahs

the boyf with a *lobstah thumb*

(we got her the same sweater she was already wearing!!
nuts. bonkers. so bazar.
I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself.)
*christmas morning* with Tomas & Bitt

Santa bought us "Crazy for Swayze" t-shirts.
(perfect for us since we're his biggest fans!)

polaroid of us reppin'

we wound down the night at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matt's place,
eating turkey and sweet potatoes and vadallia onion pie,
and playing my cousin Sammy's Wii
*great christmas*
how was yours, reader??
i'm dying to know!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

a merry Christmas *eve* moment

i thought i'd take a breif moment to wish you, reader, as solitary and singled out as you are on my newborn baby BLOG, a merry merry holiday.

i'm an old soul in a (relatively) young package and even now, with a quarter-a-century behind me, I think: "how many of these good ol' christmas eves do i have left until I have no more left?"

is that morbid of me? perhaps. but thoughts like those help me to breathe in every second of
my sister 'christmas'-ing up herself in the mirror,
my mom making fish salad,
the garlic and lemon and ocean smell of the fish salad...mmm...,
the boyfriend and cat sound asleep, giving me a brief few moments before...oop!...and there goes the cat! (she smelled the fish salad.)

Goodness gracious, I love winter for it's beginning days, and then...ick.
You will see.
i'm going to try to appreciate it this go'round.

what else? oh!
I stumbled upon the photo below while looking for winter and christmas image-inspiration (as we BLOGGERS, or I - wannabe blogger) do...and uh!
this is part of that world...
...that world my thoughts get stuck in so world of *dream scenes* where what I want my life to become and be encompassed with lives.

have a merry merry jolly jolly super-happy lovely christmas eve and actual day. :)


yesterday is history.
tomorrow is a mystery.
today is a gift...that's why it's called the present.

*one day* i'll live this *dream scene* day one day one day...
...oop! and there's the boyfriend waking up. Gotta feed him some fish salad. ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I can't STOP...

...eating these tasty christmas-colored treats!

Boy, oh, boy!

i come home, I grab some.

i leave home, I grab some.

i wrap presents, I grab some.

when i'm watching my weight, I grab some.

when i'm completely NOT watching my weight, I grab tons!

(deep sigh)

i guess i'll cut myself a break.

it is christmas in three days after all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

my *Bitt*

i think now's a good post to introduce you to my *Bitt*.
you'll see me refer to her A LOT and all my Bitt (or any bitt is for that matter) is a *sister*.
she's my younger sister who came into the world two months after my fourth birthday.

I don't remember life without her, and I can't imagine it now.

she's my best friend and my joke partner,
who *gets* it and tolerates how I annoying I can be,
who dances when I sing and sings when I bust a move.
she's my *Bitt*
my *Bittah*
my *sick & twisted Bitt*
my *Bitty Bop*
my *Bihhhhh-tay*

she takes up a whole half of my heart & anything else that remotely sends me over-the-moon is going to have to squish to fit in the other half-of-my-heart space that has room left in it.

i *heart* my bitt.

it's the *final countdown*

So...what do we got, ya'll?
6 more days until Christmas is here?
Well, if you have a blowout Christmas Eve shindig like my boyfriend's *Filipino family* has every *eve* of *x-mas*, then've got 5 more days to go...
*what's your christmas season been looking like?*
Mine looks a little like this:
...and this:
Top Pic: my *sister* bought those funny-Christmas-sayings -postcards from Urban Outfitters & used them as x-mas card notes on her gifts
Bottom Pic: the *nutcracker* is guarding the x-mas presents that we finished wrapping & placed under the tree. tee hee.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

see...*told* ya.

sooo...found this here.
*hummida hummida*
{drool drool drool}
i wanna walk out of a cool, Italian alleyway art store & find my most maRvelous *moped* parked on some eclectic street like this *one day*...
...i hope i *dream this scene* tonight <3...

oh, you'll *find out*'ll *know*...

...*find out* and *know* WHAT, you say??

Why, only my heart-stopping affection with mopeds since riding my first one in Ocean City, Maryland *July 1st* of this year!
We rented the lovely two-wheelers for an afternoon, and after those
*14-&-a-half* seconds of getting the hang of how to ride it, it was *game over*.
Madly in LoVe.
Open wide countrysides, here I come...*one day*...haa haa...

...oh, welcome to my BLOG, by the way. <3
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