Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's skip to the end of May 2010...

...because I don't think I can wait to see Sex And The City 2!!
I really enjoyed the first one, and I was in love with the show, so naturally, I can't wait for #2.

Check out the trailer that I first spotted on the fabbbbulous "real" BLOG A Cup of Jo.


  1. Omigosh! I'm soooo excited to see it too!! Saw your name on Shutter sisters today and noticed it included "from NYC"... Thought I'd pop over and say hi! I live in NYC too :)

  2. Hey, Alicia!!

    Thank you for popping in!
    My day is truly made.
    My newborn baby BLOG could use some tender love & care from some new people.
    I'm going to check out your BLOG right now!



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