Saturday, December 19, 2009

my *Bitt*

i think now's a good post to introduce you to my *Bitt*.
you'll see me refer to her A LOT and all my Bitt (or any bitt is for that matter) is a *sister*.
she's my younger sister who came into the world two months after my fourth birthday.

I don't remember life without her, and I can't imagine it now.

she's my best friend and my joke partner,
who *gets* it and tolerates how I annoying I can be,
who dances when I sing and sings when I bust a move.
she's my *Bitt*
my *Bittah*
my *sick & twisted Bitt*
my *Bitty Bop*
my *Bihhhhh-tay*

she takes up a whole half of my heart & anything else that remotely sends me over-the-moon is going to have to squish to fit in the other half-of-my-heart space that has room left in it.

i *heart* my bitt.

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