Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LGRaB Summer Games -4th entry (maybe) - test ride a different type of *bike* than you normally ride

it was not my birthday this past weekend,
but it might as well have been.
one of the bulleted challenges
of the
*test ride a different type of bike then you normally ride*

well, the bike i test drove on Monday wasn't exactly one of the types of bikes i think Dottie & Trisha had in mind...

oh, yes, dearie pies,
momma rode a moped!!
i swear, i couldn't have been happier about it!
$20/hour each!
[we rented last year for the first time
on this same first week of was the
mini-vacay excursion that got me hooked]
the boyf
took the lead,
caught me in the side-view.
pulled over in a parking lot
to show off muh skillz
*what what*

he's too cool to show excitement,
he was mad serious about that
rain cloud approaching us in the distance
notice how dry the dash is here:
HERE: **
there was
drizzle: we took cover under a gas station,
filled-up while we were there.
[btw...fill-up = $1.50] then came the *big guns*we called 'the guy' and told him we were stranded, waiting for the hurricane to pass:listen to *the boyf* here,
and watch him do the telephone pee-pee dance:

thunder, lightning...the works!
clear skies,
funny how that works.


so...i don't know if this post counts towards Part II of the LGRaB Summer Games [if it does, it's late by a couple of days anyway...whoops!!]...

...but, it was great.

The whole thing. Great.


Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

back from a *mini-weekend-getaway*

i'm back, ya'll.
the boyf and i
took a mini-weekend-getaway
to Williamsburg, Virginia,
far away from college stuff,
far away from subbing things,
and FAR AWAY from chores and family drama!
here were
i got a kick out of the fact
that the boyf
doesn't drive with his new shoes.
he had to change into them once out of the car.
i picked some grass... feed a horse!
night 1
the beer we drank:
the crabs we ate:
day 2
my *half-n-half* tower:
sheriff Tomas
was up close & personal with actual bald eagles.
they were huge. i never knew how big they were!
the best roller coaster @ Busch Gardens, VA:
teetering on the edge...then...AHHHHHH!!!!
Tomas was in deep thought over this conversation:
when we were on the tram-lift thing:
bumper cars!
think i'm cheesin'??
a little bit bumpin', and then my never-quiet mouth:

104-degrees outfit:

light & airy



now, back to the grind...

...which really isn't even all that grindy.


July college class, & cleanin' lots and lots of kitten poop.


i can deal with that.

it is **SuMMeR** after all.


Happy TUESday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

*last night* Italian night

went to the fair for a little while again last night.
it was Italian night.
a band was playing.
see video:

it was nice.
we're off for a mini-getaway weekend until Monday
Williamsburg, VA,
Busch Gardens
we'll talk when i get back.
happy Saturday, Sunday, Monday
la la la la la la la la!

Friday, June 25, 2010

LGRaB Summer Games - 3rd entry - book about *cycling*

in celebration of the
1) completion of my killer June college class
2) the end of yet another year of subbing and successful networking,
to treat myself to
a mani/pedi
after work yesterday
buy myself
a fun new
*bike book*:

i needed a book about cycling to read

as one of the bulleted challenges of the
second round of the LGRaB Summer Games
[first round completed challenges blogged about here and here]
i chose this book because i'm obsessed with
language, and how people put into words
feelings & thoughts on things i love.
in short, i love quotes. more specifically, i love good quotes,
and so many of them about biking are found
in this little *lasagna square* of a book.
i also thought,
rather than a book i'd have to read cover to cover
to gain the full story and/or message/plot,
i could pick this up whenever to
get a quick dose of inspiration,
now i have a resource for
many many *bike quotes*
[categorized by bike-topic]
to use in future posts.
i even brought the book out to dinner last night
where the boyf and i took turns reading to each other,
laughing at the oh-so-true snippets.
in between reading,
we noshed on reeeeaaaally bland chicken francese:
chicken parmesan:
yeah. sucks when food looks good, but sucks.
later on,
i read some more in bed.
for atmosphere. hee hee.
first quote i thought i'd share:
"Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short, as you feel. But ride." -- Eddy Merckx
and here's my
*special treat*
Can you guess the name of the nail polish color??
Is it:
a) too cool for school bus
b) too intense mac'n'cheese
c) mango lover
d) pull over taxi
e) banana explosion
f) okay O.J.
g) egg yolk
h) cheesey doodles
What'd'ya think??!!??!!

P.S. --
the babies are eating like champs,
and are getting so big!


okay. that's it.


Friday, Friday, loviedovies.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

*jumping up and down on my bed*

my soul-stifling June college class
is done.
today and tomorrow -- subbing,
then done.

my SuMMeR is almost HERE...
my two favorite months of the year
are approaching.
i am so looking forward to
the beach,
and worrying only about
how i'm going to catch the next wave
and keep soakin' salt-water-drenched hair out of my face:
oh, SuMMeR, you are so near.
Love you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


my college class is quicksand,
slowly devouring my being.
i go to class,
helpless to do anything but sit and wait for 7 o'clock,
for the whole circus act to be over.
i have my huge, final project due tomorrow.
it's been sucking the life and the vibrancy from my mood,
the time i savor for my beloved running and biking,
the color from my face [no, literally it has. i look so God damn pale.]
..what else?
i can't think.
[another side-effect of sham college.]
i wanna salsa dance.
i wanna get my ass on my bike.
i want it to be Thursday already.
**[deep sigh]**
happy Tuesday, i guess.

Monday, June 21, 2010

lots of *f* words...[it's not what you think]

i wanna wear a flirty, floaty, floral dress like it's nobody's freakin' business.
** ** **

i wanna wear a flirty, floaty, floral dress like it's nobody's freakin' business, then
fancy family and friends and my flowery frock
fixin' a bowl of fruit salad.

i want to attend a fiesta...

...wearin' my fabulous, flirty, floaty, floral dress like it's nobody's freakin' business.



oh, yeah...

..and happy first day of my favorite season!

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