Tuesday, June 29, 2010

back from a *mini-weekend-getaway*

i'm back, ya'll.
the boyf and i
took a mini-weekend-getaway
to Williamsburg, Virginia,
far away from college stuff,
far away from subbing things,
and FAR AWAY from chores and family drama!
here were
i got a kick out of the fact
that the boyf
doesn't drive with his new shoes.
he had to change into them once out of the car.
i picked some grass...
...to feed a horse!
night 1
the beer we drank:
the crabs we ate:
day 2
my *half-n-half* tower:
sheriff Tomas
was up close & personal with actual bald eagles.
they were huge. i never knew how big they were!
the best roller coaster @ Busch Gardens, VA:
teetering on the edge...then...AHHHHHH!!!!
Tomas was in deep thought over this conversation:
when we were on the tram-lift thing:
bumper cars!
think i'm cheesin'??
a little bit bumpin', and then my never-quiet mouth:

104-degrees outfit:

light & airy



now, back to the grind...

...which really isn't even all that grindy.


July college class, & cleanin' lots and lots of kitten poop.


i can deal with that.

it is **SuMMeR** after all.


Happy TUESday.

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