Saturday, June 19, 2010

i *heart* little flickering light bulbs

last night, against my too-tired wishes,
the boyf & i hit up a neighborhood fair.
i was happy to go just to take a few shots.
fairs are summer to me.

above, he was waiting on the 'fast pitch' line.

i remember when it was my 8th-grade feet standing in bazaar lines.

below is a video of *my game*

i can win the shoot-the-water-in-the-clown-mouth game anytime anywhere against anyONE!

below is me, proving it.

after my clown's balloon pops, you see the camera shake, and it's because Tomas threw his gun down in semi-frustration of my consistent winning of this game. Haa haa!

...and then i dug the knife even deeper when i chose the 'fish' prize, claiming "i caught the fish, and you didn't" to the 'uber-fisherman' boyf.

Haa haa!

it was a nice time.

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