Monday, June 14, 2010

two kitties in June

it's another Monday
in June, a month that,
*this* year, I'm trying
to survive.
let me tell you, though...

these two
are making it a lot easier:
* * *
sister, on left. brother, on right.
she has a pot-belly
[which kinda worries me]
he's got congestion, poor baby.
* * *
this was them resting on my lap yesterday
on our way to PetCo. and then Northshore
* * *

this is their personalities captured perfectly in a moment.

the girl...

[we named her Carmen. Carmen Sandiego. actually, a very very nice woman at PetCo who met her brother the other day suggested the name. tomas & I thought about it in the car afterwards, and it made sense. she is 'all over the place' and Carmen is exotic enough for her and those big exotic eyes. plus, Alejandro has a song, so she had to, too. ]

...the girl is into everything.

she wants to know what everything does, what she can make it do, where it's located, who put it there...everything. it's pretty hilarious.

Alejandro is so different.

he's been much more lethargic. i hope he's okay. i've never seen a cat as mushy as him. he's been sneezing a lot too. poor baby.

i'm so thankful for them.

with this june summer class at Queens College

giving me headaches and depression four days a

week, i'm glad i have them to come home to.

i just gotta survive 'til the 24th...easy.

ten more days. ten more days.

Happy Kitteny Monday.

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