Thursday, June 3, 2010


i wanted to apologize for my lack of posting.
so sowwry.
my world's been...hectic?
...haa haa...
the word doesn't seem to measure up.
i've been doing a crazy whole bunch of subbing.
[*yay* $$]
it's leading to my
own classroom come fall,
[cross ya fingers for me, ya'll]
i started my just-June
summer college class
which is proving...To. Be. Brutal.
the amount of work this woman is
assigning us to complete
in three weeks time is
inhumanly possible.
here i go.
my dad's cousin just passed away yesterday.
she was in the hospital for
the past month from some
mysterious disease.
like, seriously, they
had no idea what she had.
she was my mom's age.
i will be wrapped up with that this weekend, as well.
my point being:
i love you all for reading.
your comments really are like
kisses and hugs for my soul,
sorry i've been/might be a little absent from HERE.
i want nothing else at some points in my day
to STOP,
find a computer,
and blog blog blog away.
[especially the rest of my LAKE HOUSE weekend. oh, it was grand.]
this is the first time since blogging,
i feel like i'm not able to get HERE
when i want.
love yous.
don't forget it.
thank you always for reading
and for your fab-bu comments.
I'll be back with
posts upon posts soon,
I can't wait to have the time
to check yo' blogs & read all about your
wonderful adventures!

trying to keep it together,

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