Sunday, June 20, 2010

*fuzzy bellies* Father's Day

to all the fathers,
and the men who would make great fathers, but aren't [...yet?],
i feel like that last part is very important.
some men who are fathers are not very good ones,
and some men who are not fathers are kind, nurturing, sensitive, generous, and giving,
would make terrific dads.
by being that way, these men become the examples we need for young boys,
and they make the world a much more awesome place.
so, thank you to all the true men out there.
Tomas has been a good dad
to our babies these past eight days
since we've adopted them from the world.
you can tell by the bellies:
[i swear, i've never met a cat that's as much as a *ham* as her...aye!]
Tomas even came over last night with
a rack of ribs, and slow-cooked them
for three hours
in a hickory BBQ flavor.
made for
& pops.he even made
a cute little burger patty
for the ol' lady:
miss neena-pie, Dinah.
those is some
*good daddy*
right there.
even though it's Daddy's Day,
we can show a mommy
getting some love, too:
this has been Carmen Sandiego's new favorite spot to sleep.
*some little honey girl loves her mommy, like, a lot.

*smushing faces* together: how cats *hug*

[Alejandro was doing this a little yesterday, but he needs more time to warm up to us...he far more reserved than CrazyPants here]
here is a video of the CrazyPants, miss Carmen Sandiego, herself:
[i don't know why the sound is **static**, but whatev.]
towards the end,
she stares directly into the
camera, and you can see
Have a lovely Father's Day Sunday!

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