Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*...loved, learned, or am thankful for...*

i realized 2 days ago that
a big part of my AWESOME planner
that i have never blogged about
is a weekly column i fill out
i always wanted to keep
like Oprah says to do,
a separate, additional book
would be too much upkeep for me.
i decided to make it a weekly part of my planner.
the left-hand side my planner
is reserved just for gratitude to the things
i loved,
or am
just happy happened.
[i love that this page above has a coffee stain.]
[i couldn't have planned it any better.]
to be honest,
i love to feel like i have to fill it.
i love needing to find things
to love, learn, or be thankful for
throughout my week
there's nothing worse than a blank,
unused white section of a scrapbook!
fill it fill it fill it.

[healthy lifestyle choices, leads to trimmer self, hence the above BRAVO!]

[the above happened during student teaching]


so, ree-hee-headers,

what have you

loved, learned, or been thankful for

this week??

tell me all about it.



Happy Wednesday.

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