Sunday, February 21, 2010

my *heart*, a.k.a. my PLANNER

the past 2 days on
my *2010* is HERE
have included posts with pictures from
*my planner*
in this post, i'm going to give you a
larger glimpse into my planner,
the extension of my heart,
my hard-copy BLOG, really.
*** * ***
this is the front cover:
*** * ***
this is the back cover:
*** * ***
my tools of choice are:
an awesome pair o'scissors,
*** * ***
really goooood quotes usually
make their way onto/into my planner:
*** * ***
it acts as a "sort-of
photo album" when i need it to:
*** * ***
it acts as a go-to motivation tool:
or even a dream-weaver i can look
at when i'm stuck in a
stuffy, no-windowed classroom &
need a life-refreshment:

*** * ***

i just wanted to give you a little intro to it.

i contribute to it daily, like my BLOG, and will be posting things from it HERE because...well..."because because because because becaaauuuuse, because of the wonderful things it does!"

hope you check in regularly.



  1. this is way fun!! i must give myself time to do something creative everyday. i keep trying to, but get bogged down by life. i did send myself a box full of stuff from my parents' house with a bunch of creative tools and things i'd left behind. maybe that will give me some motivation!

  2. Great idea! I'm sure it WILL give you motivation!
    Yeah...the whole "getting BOGGED DOWN BY LIFE thing"...i hate when that happens. :/


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