Sunday, February 7, 2010

this is MY kinda *superbowl*

Superbowl XLIV today??
I just hope wherever I am going
to view...[ahem, ahem]...tolerate
the football part of it,
there's one of THESE *superbowls* to be found as well:
(pic found here,
along with recipe.)
oh, I love you, sweet sweet *guacamole*.
(I know God is good because he gave us avocados.)
I gots me a
birthday shout out
to Tomas's
Uncle Ricky!!
(Uncle Ricky's on the left, and pictured here with his three sisters.
I added the mustaches in post.
Hee hee hee!)

Happy Birthday, Uncle Ricky!!
Happy Superbowl!!
(Go Saints!!)

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