Thursday, February 25, 2010

more found in *my planner*

i've just realized that there is a HUGE possibility
that ya'll might think i'm totally LAME,
me and *my planner*
* * *
I wish I had more interesting things to post, but...
I don't.
* * *
below is a corner of a December page.
the sticker is scented, smelling like peppermint.
Mmmm...I love this corner.
{scratch, scratch, scratch...sniff, sniff, sniff}
* * *
Haa haa!
This was when I wanted to STOP being chubby
and start eating right [...again],
and get myself to the gym...
i called it
Haa haa!
I think that lasted a DAY!
* * *
below is a recent addition.
I blocked out the names -- uh, HELLO! --
because they're secretly tucked away in my soul
where hopefully nobody will find them until
I've claimed them for real & bestowed them upon my children
--- who will probably grow up to HATE their names, and change them anyway,
saying, "Call me Rex, ma" or some weird shit like that.
Go figure.
Yes, I only have three names on the list so far.
Oh well.
Tee hee.

*thursday* Love.

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