Monday, February 8, 2010

Hawaii (Hula) Vibes

Look at how incredibly gorgeous these women of Hawaii are.
I want what they eat.
I want what they bathe in.
I want to wear what they wear.
I want to smell what they smell.
I want to see what they see.
I want the music that they move to.
I want the *Supreme Queen of Hawaiian Hula* to be my guru.
I've been diligently submitting my name
to my local news's
in the hopes that I will
be selected to recieve a 5-night stay
at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa
to get my first chance at
visiting the united-state of my dreams:
That is why I'm declaring this
week on my BLOG
Hawaii (Hula) Vibes
Send me some of your comments on:
being to Hawaii/
wanting to go to Hawaii/
the hula/
palm trees/
and the works!
I believe any
Hawaii (Hula) Vibes
sent my way will bring me
that much closer to winning the trip!
Thank you!
Love you!

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