Friday, February 26, 2010

i did a *bad* thing...but it feels *soooo good*

got *the shoes*
i totally took my own advice
and walked into AnnTaylor
and right there on display,
were my shoes,
front and center,
lovely & smiling & whispering my name.
*** ** ***
i asked for a 9.5
[my feet are canoes],
but she only had a size 9.
i thought it wasn't meant to be until...
i found that the 9s fit like a glove.
i had to take them home, where they belonged, so i did.
the saleslady even got me $30 off.
*** ** ***
** ** **
* * *
when i opened the shoe box,
this message was underneath the top:
"If the shoe fits...covet it.
We love shoes as much as you do....We know that whan [yes, there was a typo! Hilarious.] you wear a truly great pair of shoes, you walk a little taller...and your next step up the ladder is that much lovelier."
Oh, man.
I know it sounds cheesy, but
LoVe @ first sight happened with these shoes.
*** ** ***
I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment.
*** ** ***
It makes me tickled pink!
[my cat, on the other hand, was completely UNamused...haahaa!]

i pledge to *rock these shoes* whenever possible and appropriate to, & maybe even when inappropriate to...yay!!

T.G.I.F., lovers!

P.S. -- This post is a testament to the notion: "If you BLOG it, it will come."

P.P.S. -- Wow, I kinda gotta shave dem legs, don't I. Damn. Whatever. We're like family anyway. ;)

Love it!


  1. OMIGOSH!! That is definitely a Carrie Bradshaw moment! I love those shoes!!!! I've never been a huge shoe person (the place I come from before NY is pretty boring shoe-wise, and not daring at all... everyone is the same...) I'm working on myself to find more interesting and beautiful shoes :)

    PS: Snow day today from teaching?? You love it?! I know I was excited to hear we'd have a 3-day weekend :)

  2. You know it, girl!!
    Snow-ho-ho-ho DAY!! :)


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