Monday, February 15, 2010

Hawaii (Hula) Vibes Week comes to an *end*

Aloha, to you.
It means hi
it means goodbye
& it means love.
That one word has all three meanings.
This is important to me because with my BLOG's
Hawaii (Hula) Vibes Week
coming to an end, I feel a sense of all three.
Aloha Hello
to you for returning, or first visiting,
to my new dream of visiting Hawaii *one day.*
It's kind of like me saying,
"Aloha, dream, it's nice to have you in my head.
I hope to one day make you a reality, and then
we can both be blissed out in celebration.
Won't that be exciting?!"
Aloha Goodbye
to my original dream which caused me to make
this week (Hula) Vibes Week in the first place - the dream of
winning a contest my local news was hosting.
I would've won a five-night stay in O'ahu, but
I know I didn't win because they supposedly told
the winner Friday.
I didn't get any call.
Aloha Love
because my small, seemingly insignificant searches
on the web for all things Hawaii and (Hula) have
brought me such a high, weightless feeling of contentment,
almost like a know there is a far away place in this world
whose culture and scenery and environment will be so
fantastical to me.
[I even found this blog I'll be regularly checking out.]
maybe i'm not meant to win a contest now.
maybe i'm meant to travel there on a whim.
maybe i'll be there when or if this happens:
maybe i'll be there while like this. OMG.
Who knooowssss??!!
But I know I've realized a dream this week,
a dream of where I wanna get myself,
one way or the other.
[my BLOG has been magical for this reason, alone, if for none other]
I know I'll get there one day.

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