Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, so...
...I don't care what ya got to say about Kimmy K,
but one thing's for sure:
homegirl can wear a dress!!
being blessed with a bOoooOtay myself
[I was nicknamed 'the rump' in 8th grade]
I am happy Kimmy K came along wearing
the thing like it's a friggin' purple heart.
although a lot of the time we see her, either
during interviews, she seems a little...
the girl knows how to put herself first
and make the hell sure SHE LOOK GOOD.
sooooo...I'm posting this today
because there are times when I
forget how good it feels to feel
hot hot hot!!
When times like that arise...
...when maybe it would be worth it to
put on the mascara,
spend the extra minutes on my hair,
NOT eat the entire box of Entenmann's original recipe cookies,
do the extra mile on the treadmill,
wear the sexy bra & not the functional one,
I'm going to ask myself one simple question:
What would Kim Kardashian do?
Haa haa!
I love it!

Happy Monday!!

P.S. -- Homegirl's new perfume smells AMAZING!! Like, sooooo goooood, and I don't say that about ANY perfume! I gotsta get it.

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