Thursday, February 4, 2010

last weekend of *Jan*/*2010* trip

here is a glimpse, reader,
of the past weekend:
the whole group
(3 snowboarders, 5 skiiers, and 2 wannabe skiiers
[they just put everybody in danger])
me & Tomas above - new to *snowboarding*

my *snowboot*
(could've been sexier, but it did me
good for a rental...did me good...)
my *smiley* friend, Jamina

i put two sticky faces on
Lev's boo-tay
i told Romain - in the yellow - "Smile!"

this is a pic of
Romain before he left one of his
knees on the mountain

he was way too excited
to *bust his ass*
told ya.

we now *heart* this sport

*thank you, god, for keeping our limbs attached to our body*

it really was a good time.

the boyf is already trying to book us a second trip. Gotta love 'im!

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