Tuesday, February 16, 2010

*glimpse* of my *Valentine's Weekend*

Yes, we snowboarded...again.
for *nine* straight hours
*haa haa*
toward the end,
before extreme exhaustion set in,
I was starting to get it.
...and then I fell...and fell some more.
We did enjoy our time together, though.
We sipped on hot chocolate,
lounged on the ski lift,
snapped a photo on top of Blue Mountain, PA.
Afterward, we went to King of Prussia Mall in PA.
I saw the most gorgeous display of Gelato.
It was in the middle of the mall,
underneath a skylight,
all cafe tables and chairs set up in between shops.
Then, in a store called BeyondTheWall
we found this book called Fart Proudly.
Since my boyfriend does - on the regular - fart proudly,
I thought a pic with him proudly holding it to
his chest would be appropriate.
*Tee hee*
After our King of Prussia Mall experience,
we headed to Philadelphia, PA
on the hunt for a really awesome *cheesesteak*.
While on our travels through Philly, we saw this entrance way
to a store all graffiti-ed up:
Then, upon looking for where Adam Richman from
had his *cheesesteak* challenge in Philly,
we found and ate at Jim's Steaks.
The place was jumpin' jumpin'.
I spotted some *old school diner* decor.
Loved it!
Our two love-puppies!!
Tomas's was on the left: the Whiz Cheesesteak,
mine was on the right: Cheesesteak with American cheese,
both with onions!
If this doesn't spell L-O-V-E then I don't know what does!
My version of Valentine's Day LOVE...with a ginger ale.
Oh, and by the way, readers,
I found Tomas a *bonsai*!!
Aannndd it was not just any *bonsai*.
It was the last *bonsai tree* the place had that wasn't
$100 or over. It was so secret
and special and hidden, that the gardener-man
had to go to the back and get it for me.
It was the perfect little *bonsai*.
Exactly what I was looking for.
I wrapped it, attached my poem "i got my eye on a *bonsai*",
and set the card leaning on it.
It had the cutest little fishing man in it,
just how I wanted,
since Tomas loves to fish.
I told him it would bring him good luck when he fishes.
I love this cute little old man,
in his element under the *bonsai*.
And here's where it ended up,
just as my poem read:

"...sittin' on a

I'm glad he liked it, though.
I hope you all had a good one.
Check back soon.
*We* love having you here.



  1. we haven't gone snowboarding this year.... i feel like we won't get it in before spring comes... i'm kind of a snot though - i learned in colorado and when i went on the east coast last year, i was miserable. it's just not as good as the rockies.

    ps: looks like you are doing pretty good :)

  2. Haa haa...for my second time, I'm mighty proud of my progress.
    Thanks, 'Licia.

    P.S. -- Have you picked up *eat pray love* yet?? Ya need ta! ;)


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