Saturday, February 6, 2010

i got my eye on a *bonsai*

i got my eye on a *bonsai*
sittin' on a
on top of papers
little bit o'nature in a place that
flickering fluorescent,
computer screen luminescent
but i got my eye on a *bonsai*
(pic found amongst these.)
Like my poem?
i made it up thinking of my boyfriend.
I work in a school, so i'm always
engaged and stimulated by natural things,
whether it's looking out the window and
seeing the trees,
or seeing it in the children's smiles and laughter.
Tomas, on the other hand,
is stuck behind a computer desk
surrounded by the three walls of his cubicle.
This March marks three years he's been in
that soul-stifling job.
I pray that by the end of this year,
he finds himself on a path to something
he truly will enjoy.
*i pray i pray i pray*
for him
in the meantime,
i thought a nice little lucky *bonsai*
wouldn't hurt to be on his desk.
(a possible Valentine's day present, i thought)
if nothing else, it'll make him
think of me
and dat's good.
hee hee.
So, the question iiiisssss...

where the heck to I find me a *bonsai tree*?
anyone know??
I'd appreciate any type of feedback on the matter,
and if you don't have any,
know that i *love* you anyway, and i do hope you come back.

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