Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'm BART SIMPSON writing on the chalkboard

(OMG...I never thought I'd be able to do this! How cool, right?
Do it yourself,
Haa haa!
I thought of the idea of telling myself this message:
"I will not compare other beautiful BLOGs to mine!"
and I thought of drilling the idea in my head
the same way that Bart Simpson does on the chalkboard
at the beginning of every Simpsons epsiode.
Little did I know,
when I looked up an image for this post,
that I would find an actual
that would allow me to do what I ended up doing.
Haa haa!
I'm so *tickled pink* by it.
This is why I love blogging.
But it's true.
Quite frankly,
I do compare my newborn baby blog to
these gorgeous,
fabulously crafted and seasoned
award-winning BLOGs
and you know what??
It's a waste of time.
My first month of blogging for the first time ever is over,
and I can't be more satisfied with the results.
I blogged practically everyday, and...wait...see?!?! Listen to me.
Aren't BLOGs just supposed to be, and not supposed to be judged?
I think so.
So there you have it.
*good vibes to you and yours from me*


  1. congrats on your first month! i've enjoyed reading along :)

  2. Thank you, Alicia, for always checking in!
    *woot woot*


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