Wednesday, March 31, 2010

your roarin' *20s* & rockin' *30s*

Wonder Woman.
Treat yourself like it.
I wanted to share with you
an article I found on Oprah's...
[I'm not sure if you've heard of her:
talk-show? magazine? big hair? loud mouth? ummm...billionare?]
...anyway, I found this article below on Oprah's website.
It's entitled
"The Decade-by-Decade Guide to Exercise"
& it's an article we should read,
& reread every few years.
I do my best to lead as healthy a lifestyle as I can with where I'm at in my life.
My gym membership, and my
love & desire for outdoor activities
contribute to that, but sometimes I
don't really know if the activity I'm partaking in
is best for me, or
what I even need to be doing to actually get healthy.
This article helped me clear that fog.
[full article below found here]
[written by Carol Mithers, from the October 2006 issue of O, Oprah Magazine]
"In Your 20s:
30 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio 3x a week,
plus 45 to 60 minutes of straight cardio 3x a week.
One day of rest.
The great thing about being in your 20s is that your body is so strong, you can get away with abusing it. The bad thing is that you often do, punishing it with late nights and bad eating habits. And you routinely fail to appreciate what you've got. This is the decade of anxiety—frantic exercise, fad diets, the mad pursuit of pinup perfection and self-hatred when you fail to meet it. The fitness challenge of these years: Get over it.
"I tell my young clients, 'Forget looking like Jessica Simpson or Halle Berry, and forget weight; think health,'" says Jeanette Jenkins, a Los Angeles–based private trainer who has worked with rapper Queen Latifah and actress Taryn Manning. The mistake many 20-somethings make is simply opting for "endless cardio and crunches," adds Vanessa Carver, a personal trainer at Pillar Performance in Encinitas, whose clients include professional ice-skaters and dancers. Lots of cardio is great, she says, especially if you mix it up so you're really pushing the body. But it's weight training that builds muscle definition, not to mention bone density, which will be crucial for staying active later on and preventing osteoporosis. "You've got to lift more than just three or five pounds," she says. "If you can do 10 to 15 repetitions of a weight with no real effort, it's too light. The last 4 or 5 reps should be challenging enough that you feel your muscles getting fatigued." And put your mind into it, she says. "Lifting weights while chatting on the cell phone is a joke."
As for killer abs, "it's about subcutaneous fat, not how many crunches you do," says Carver. "There's no secret here: Eat lean meat, lean fish, vegetables, and fruits." She suggests forgoing thousands of bouncy, quick sit-ups for focused core work, which strengthens not only the abs but also stabilization muscles and lower back.
One great exercise is the "plank." In a push-up position, balancing on your forearms and toes with legs stretched straight back, pull your belly button toward your spine and hold it tight, keeping your back flat enough for someone to eat off of. Work up to staying there for a full minute. Jenkins also pushes yoga, "which women this age are usually not very attracted to. I want them to learn to be still and to look at themselves from the inside out rather than the outside in."
"In Your 30s:
One hour of circuit training (cardio and resistance) 4x a week,
plus at least one day of cardio for 45 to 60 minutes at a high intensity.
Take one day off.
With the 30s, you start noticing that weight doesn't come off quite as easily as it used to. This is because after age 20, your basal metabolism drops by 1 to 2 percent every decade, and as lean muscle decreases and body fat increases, you don't need as many calories to sustain yourself. "Exercise is the number one form of preventive medicine," says Jillian Michaels, who is in her 9th season of NBC's The Biggest Loser and is the author of Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life. "You won't see that big a difference between 31 and 39 if you've been living a healthy lifestyle, but if not, you'll see a huge difference in muscle tone, weight, and shape."
In this decade, experts agree, keeping fit means working harder. Jenkins favors circuit training—a series of resistance and cardio exercises done swiftly and back-to-back. But however you do it, Michaels advises strength training each muscle group twice a week with two days of rest between sessions. Don't stick with heavy weights/low reps or low weight/many reps, she says; switch it around to keep your body from getting used to the routine. One day of rest a week is crucial.
After pregnancy a program like Pilates can be invaluable in "pulling everything back in and up," says Brooke Siler, whose re:AB studio in New York City has attracted famous figures like Amber Valletta, Madonna, and Liv Tyler. "I especially like exercises that involve standing, because they teach you to fight what nature wants you to do, which is slump," says Siler, the author of The Pilates Body. One of the best antigravity moves, she says, is to stand with heels together, big toes two to three inches apart. Drawing your lower abs and inner thighs in and up, rise onto the balls of your feet, making sure the heels stay glued together. Now slowly bend the knees into a pliƩ, keeping the tailbone straight. Lower your heels to the floor and slowly straighten legs, drawing together your inner thighs and pulling up deeper into your abdominals. Do five reps; then reverse the sequence for five more.
Now is the time to make good fitness habits a part of everyday life. "You always want to be standing instead of sitting, taking stairs instead of elevators," says Siler. "I'm constantly aware of how I sit and stand and walk down the street. I'm forever pulling in and up. These invisible workouts are really important for a woman in her 30s. It's how you start preparing your body for what's to come."
i hope
this read
has encouraged
you - even a tad wee insy bit - to
get some
activity in
today & most days.
I am, too.
my 3-year-old self was convinced of such,
& all I can do now is
have my 25-plus-year-old self honor that notion also.
I also wanted to comment that
it's pleasing to me that this is my
last post of the month, & that it does
kind of give a sweet little
*goodbye kiss*
to March.
just for the reason I wanted to.
with nothing else relevant to say,
Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*rain R rain A rain I rain N rain*

Come again...
so...with this rain all day yesterday & all day today,
the news has said that this is the 3rd wettest March
in NY's recorded history.
Hmmm...that's nice.
It might even become the 2nd wettest March
in NY's recorded history by the end of today.
Greeaaat. Just terrific.
It is pretty torrential out there...
"...with no signs of letting up," said the weatherguy.
i'm complaining because the grey-ness
is almost sickening, but
in truth, it's a good thing.
it's the necessary thing.
i need to stay in & do some homework,
& if it was gorgey gorge gorgeous out,
you best be believin'
i'd be riding my bike!!
so, okay rain.
fall fall fall.
I won't
be tempted

so, for the most part,
i'll be in today.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
this cute
video below reminds me
of my boyf, the die-hard baseball player,
manager of our co-ed team,
who loves to play & loves to practice,
no matter what the condition: Mr. Rain, it's cool if you're visiting the NYC area today.
I've heard your stay is only temporary.
You're just passin' through, makin' sure the
buddin' flowahs got'nough drank.
No beef.
I'm allowing you to pass,
as long you
don't come back
for a while
& give my Spring Break
some breathin' room.
Easter Sunday's supposed to be niiiiiiiccccceeee.
I'm sooo looking forward to it.
wanting back
the color in my world.
I'm craving
some spring dresses, some
blue skies, &
some sun on my face.

yeah...a little *exactly* like this.


...or maybe in dis.

maybe going to an early Spring weddin' in dis or dis.

maybe sexin' it up in dis with dis hair.

ohhhhh shit...thanks imagination.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Everybody Loves...Maegan

I think it's about time to post about
one of my most favorite BLOGs to visit!!
*Maegan Tintari*
blogs about everything
'her life', with no holds barred.
She's an awesome DIYer,
& makes videos of hair-how to's.
[to get to know a little more about her,
from the blog Chic Steals]
* *
two of her
*classic wave*
hair tutorials

She's so funny. She shows her technique - exactly how you need to see it - & accompanies it with a personal story. It's a great watch.

[don't have a good view of the video above? click here.]


...and I'm so excited!

Here's my first attempt at Maegan's *classic wave* hair-how-to tutorial:

Not bad, eh?

It didn't come out exactly right, but I'm only going to get better at it.
Hey, Big Booty o'mine, STOP trying to HOG the shot!!

Damn!!!...and I got spanx on underneath!

smooth curlyQ, below, I love you!


Thank you, Maegan, for being an everyday source of inspiration for me.

*woot woot*

Happy Monday, to everyone!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer 2010...

...but for now,
Spring Break'll do.
Before I end this post, I wanted to see what you thought.
I'm really feeling this top from Victoria Secret.
I think it's soooo perfect for a Spring/Summer day-stroll
or a funky & fun night out!!
Okay, that's it.
Happy Saturday,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

*it's* HERE...

...*SPRiNG BREaK*!
[pic founded here.]
I'm feelin' the spirit!!
I won't be bikini-clad, or flashing anybody, or
hammered first thing in the morning, or
retreating to a beach or doing anything spesh,
but *Spring Break* just means we're that
much closer to *Summer*...
...and thank goodness.

Happy Saturday,
lovey dovey gumdrops.

Friday, March 26, 2010

*Spirit Week*

this week
at the school
i'm student teaching in
we had
*Spirit Week*
** ** ** **
Midnight Monday
"Wear your PJs, robes,
and slippers to school!
Bring in your favorite
stuffed animal &
bedtime story for a
relaxing day!"
** Midnight Monday**
[me, with the little 1st graders of Mrs. Stromberg's class]
** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **
** **
Twisted Tuesday
"Wear your clothes backwards
or wear mismatched clothes today!
Be wacky and nutty and funny."
**Twisted Tuesday**
**Twisted Tuesday**
[me with two girls from my old 5th grade] **Twisted Tuesday**
[hoods on backwards!!]
** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **
** **
Wear-a-Word Wednesday
"On a piece of paper or cardboard
or oaktag, write a word, part of speech,
and definition. Illustrate your word.
Put 2 holes in the paper, tie a string
to the holes and wear around you neck.
You may also dress in a manner that
illustrates your word."
**Wear-a-Word Wednesday**
[Mrs. Georgatos, on the left, me in the middle, & the other 5th grade teacher, Ms. Nitka]**Wear-a-Word Wednesday**
[the bobsie triplets...haa haa...the three 5th grade teachers:
Mrs. Georgatos, Ms. Wilson, & Ms. Nitka]
**Wear-a-Word Wednesday**
[Mrs. Stromberg's 1st grade & me, with our words!]
**Wear-a-Word Wednesday**
[I was the word 'disguise' in the morning, with my trench coat & funny glasses,
& was the word 'beret' the whole rest of the day.]** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **
** **
Time-Travel Thursday
"Dress in the style of a different decade:
the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, or 90's!
Ask your family & friends to
look in their closets for "retro"
clothing. Take a journey back in time
even if it's just for one day!"
**Time-Travel Thursday**
[hippie me!]
**Time-Travel Thursday**
**Time-Travel Thursday**
[my two 5th grade girls who visit me every morning]
**Time-Travel Thursday**
[Mrs. Stromberg's 1st grade class, above & below]

What a fun Monday through Friday! Today we have to wear red - the school's color - and are getting a treat: the chance to watch a movie for part of the day...
...and once 2:40 p.m. hits...
Spring Break!!
[I'm as happy as a clam.]

Thursday, March 25, 2010


i want to ban negative people from my life.
** ** ** **
my boyfriend & his mom wanted to
take me out to dinner to celebrate my
passing all 3 teacher-certification tests,
thus, being well on my way to having my
own classroom [if by some miracle i'm offered
a job despite this goshdarn 'hiring freeze'].
** ** ** **
right before i left to go out,
some words were exchanged,
& my dad
called me ungrateful.
Hold up.
i mean he's called me everything under the sun,
but ungrateful? really?
i mean, i know my dad's messed up,
like, problems galore, but...
...why doesn't he look in the mirror &
spout negativity instead of projecting this miserable false
sense of reality on everybody else - namely
the three most important people in his life:
his [soon-to-be-ex] wife,
his daughter,
& his other daughter?


For the record, I'm grateful. I'm grateful that you've worked all these years so that we could have a nice house, and by 'house' I mean a space with four walls and a solid foundation with running water and heat. I --in no way shape or form-- mean a home. Although it has been a home to me and my mother and sister and pets, you have barely contributed to the loving feelings this house has given me, especially over the past few years.

I'm grateful. I'm grateful that you've worked all these years so that we could have nice food on the table, and by 'food', I mean raw steaks, whole potatoes, and crispy hard vegetables [because without mom, they'd have never gotten cooked]. I --in no way shape or form-- mean loving family dinners. Although we've had loving family dinners, you have barely contributed to the dinners feeling comfortable and happy, especially over the past few years.

I am grateful, and I appreciate all you've contributed, but it's hard to express when the good you do is so few and far between. It's hard to express when you're making family uneasy at Thanksgiving dinners, or mercilessly teasing our younger cousin who's already having a hard enough time with life as it is, or yelling at my ten-year-old friends causing them never to want to come back, or time after time instigating & prodding & nagging & making mountains out of mole-hills & raising the stress level of this house to astronomical levels, causing it to almost self-destruct, or for your role in making mom sick, or...

You have no idea what an ungrateful daughter's like, because even though all the above is true, I do know you love us, and in turn, I love you. I, however, am thankful that I can be free of your tormenting, anti-social ways *one day* and never have to subject myself to stuff like that again.

I am thankful that you've made me an expert on manipulative, weak men whose ego and pride and sense of entitlement should grant them exile to the deepest darkest dungeon, never to be seen by the human race again.

I can pick these men out from a crowd of thousands, and I will smile, nod my head, and never give them a single second more of my time.

I must ban negative people from my life. We all must.

** ** ** **

** ** **

Thank you for reading, for allowing me into your psyche. Your eyes scanning my words mean more than you'll ever know to me. I'm so grateful.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*lindamichellebaron* comes to *Queens College*

she burst through the door,
arms waving wildly in the air,
& proclaimed, "I'm hear ya'll!
I'm famous!"
Animal-print jacket with red trim!!
the suede booties!!
...and it was raining out!
** ** **
She performed several of her poems, including:
If I Were Music
If I were music
I'd be jazz
So real you'd feel my pure pizazz!
Snazzy, jazzy...boiling ice
I'd never play the same way twice
When He made me
God closed his eyes
Heard the music
And improvised.
other poems she read were:
The Way to Start the Day
Even Weeds Have Needs
Daddy's Little Girl
You Talking to Me?
Yes, I'm Talking To You
a list of her poems can be be found here.
and for your absolute reading pleasure,
are entitled
i'm convinced that
if you read from these books
before laying your head down to sleep,
you will dream lovely, lively, spirited dreams...
...she was that magical.
she also wrote these words on the board:
"Gonna do it Got to do it
Gonna more than try --- Gonna make it
Got to make it
Get my piece of the sky"
she was clapping,
& while she 'sang' these words, she had us
bop our heads & swerve our necks...
...made us believe the words & the rhythm of the words.
i left so happy to have met her,
& of course I harassed her for a picture [it was just one!]
& then pretty much skipped out to my car,
& hummed all the way home.
when thinking about my future & my possible writing career,
i'm forever going to remember yesterday & lindamichelle B.
& try to stay focused
& remind myself
that I just:
"Gonna do it Got to do it
Gonna more than try---Gonna make it
Got to make it
Get my piece of the sky"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


lindamichellebaron is going to visting my *poetry class* today.

I love looking into the eyes and smiling at real-life, paid writers. It should be a good time.

Here's one of her poems:

I need time and care

'cause a flower don't just pop up.

I need time and care

'cause a flower has to be...

petted by the sun,

fed by the earth,

refreshed by the rain

and protected by The Maker.

** ** **

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

*birthday* party TURNED *engagement* party!!

my good friend Carlo's 26th birthday dinner was this past Friday,
& right before the main course came out,
he *popped the question* to his girlfriend, Natalie
** ** **
** **
Carlo & Natalie,
I wish you a lovely
engagement, &
a happy journey to marriage & beyond!

Some more shots from the night:

Josh, Carlo, & Elisa, above, my high school buddies

*** *** ***

Elisa & I
[a.k.a. Snookie & A-Zoww]
*** *** ***
*** ***
him & I
[an all too goofy face by him, & me]
*** *** ***
*** ***
Elisa's showing him some love... grabbing his chest
[at least she wasn't grabbing mine!]
*** *** ***
*** ***
remnants of the night.
my Nana used to call it 'gravy'.
*** *** ***
*** ***
Tomas took this pic of me off guard, & then said,
Kinda is.
[...and random observation:
my lips are like my body: bottom-heavy]
*** *** ***
*** ***


Sunday, March 21, 2010

an ostentatious cardinal, *neena* in the grass, & sunday morning breakfast

happy sunday,
march *21* 2010
** ** **
** **
This morning's been a great
first-sunday-of-Spring morning!!
** ** **
** **
I had a conversation with an ostentatious cardinal,
who i'm convinced was bragging to me about how
cool he looks in red, & about
how it's Spring & he's all excited...

...take a listen for yourself: show-off.

** ** **

** **


my cat was hanging, too.
*the miss* loves the sun on her fur...
...a little too much... What a basking-in-the-sun little priss I have!
Love her!
so while Dinah was outside basking in the sun & chewing on some grass, I made breakfast:

blueberry compote french toast & rice sausages, okay??


Friday, March 19, 2010

new *FLoWer* ring

Here's my fun *new* flower ring!
Under $6 @ Forever21.
[on a mall trip with my Bitt recently,
this was all i could afford to bring home]

Just in time for Spring!

I'm covering my shnoz with it!

I'm headin' out to my friend's birthday dinner tonight, & this'll definitely be an accessory.

Let's see how many people say something 'bout it.

Oooo lah lah!

Do you have any fun *Spring* jewelery?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Goodbye Miss Zampelli Love, 5-308*

"I believe that my life's gonna see the love I give returned to me." -- John Mayer
It did...yesterday.
Yesterday was the last day of my six-week long stint of Student Teaching in the upper grades [5th, to be specific.]
Today I start my six-week long stretch in the lower grades [1st grade].
these kids have only known me for Six Weeks!
Mrs. Georgatos (their teacher) threw me a party at the end of the day, yesterday.
They had cakes:
and they said, "Goodbye" & "Miss Zampelli" & "Love, 5-308"
in glorious green frosting!!
I even got presents!!
The envelope in the picture above was from Taehoon.
Korean is his first language.
English is his second language, and is therefore very limited.
He managed to write me the
*awe-inspiring* note
in the card below:
(Yunjo is another Korean boy in the class,
his partner in crime,
his BFFL,
his right hand man,
his sidekick, etc.)
This note made me want to die with love.
I was so overcome, and the love kept on flowing...
...below is a poem and a present from Fatema:
I couldn't have chosen better words myself.
This was just what I wanted to hear.
Her gift to me:
"Lucky Earrings!"
Haa haa!
I gush.
I was dying when I saw this next present, below.
Rushaid had written me a story.
forever think
of my student teaching this way,
as Rushaid has described it:
It was a sunny bright day. Ms. Georgatos was fighting some people...violently. Kyle Tung came and said you have a new mission. Go to New York and train someone called Ms. Zampelli for a battle with the evil spirit. "I will not fail," Ms. Georgatos said.
So Ms. Georgatos went to New York searching for someone called Ms. Zampelli. She finally found Ms. Zampelli's house. The bell rang ting tong. Ms. Zampelli opened the door.
"Ahhh," she screamed, "Who are you?"
"I am Ms. Georgatos. I have come to train you."
"For what?" Ms. Zampelli said.
"For battling the evil spirit. All of your ancestors did it too."
"OOOkay," Ms. Zampelli said awkwardly.
"We have to start now," Ms. Georgatos said.
"OK fine." So she started training.
Ms. Georgatos said, "You have to master 4 arts: the art of the snake, the art of the knight, the art of the Jaguar, and the art of the dragon."
"You mean I have to draw a snake, knight, jaguar, and dragon?"
"No. You have to master them."
"Ohhh," said Ms. Zampelli.
They started with the art of the jaguar. You have to be fast at running and thinking.
"I will throw some balls and moon cakes at you," said Ms. Georgatos. "Learn to control them and dodge them in your mind, then do it psychically." The dodging started. Ms. Zampelli got hit by a ball, then a moon cake. Then, a football. By 3:30 Ms. Zampelli mastered the art of the jaguar.
Next came the art of the knight. "You must learn how to defend yourself like a knight. I will give you a shield. I will punch and kick you. Defend yourself."
The fighting started. Luckily, Ms. Zampelli mastered this fast so this was the easy part.
After that came the art of the snake. "You have to be as flexible as a snake," Ms. Georgatos said. "Climb up that 200 foot flagpole."
"I'm not doing that," said Ms. Zampelli.
"Ok. I just thought you wanted your phone back from on top of the pole."
Ms. Zampelli raced up the flagpole and flipped her way to her phone.
"Training is done," screamed Mrs. Georgatos.
"What about the dragon?"
"You have to earn that by defeating the evil spirit of Monster house. When you defeat it, you get the dragon on your arm."
The time came Chinese new year 5:27 Monster house rised. It shot 7 missels but Ms. Zampelli dodged it. Then monster house shot 7 bullets from a bullet gun but Ms. Zampelli ran away from it. Then monster house started punching ms. Zampelli, but Ms. Zampelli defended herself. After that, Monster house was going loko. The house needed to self-distruct. Ms. Zampelli has to climb it (300 feet) and press the self-distruct button on top. This is exactly what she did.
"All was well," said Ms. Georgatos. "I have trained you well. Look at your arm."
Ms. Zampelli looked. She had a dragon on her arm. Suddenly, Ms. Georgatos vanished.

...and that is the story of my student teaching adventure.
[Well, so far.]
[tee hee!!]
Emily gave me a bracelet.
FAITH, it says on the charm.

It's blue,
it's heavy,
& cool on my wrist.
It's perfect & lovely.

Next in line to share with you is
*my bucket*.
[i smile to myself, thinking what you must be thinking]
We read this book for Tolerance Week.
After reading it, everyone in the room made
a bucket for others to "fill" with compliments and nice words.
Here's some from my bucket:

It really was the best St. Patrick's Day ever.
Happy THuRSday.
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