Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thinking *PINK* on 3/2, how 'bout YOU??!!

March 2, 2010
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
[tee hee]
* * * * *
* * *
yes, Kimmy K. made her way
into my planner, but only because...
a) i love her hair and want mine like that
b) i love that dress and want one like that
c) she symbolizes what I talked about in this post of doing
what it takes to make yourself feel like the hottest girl in town
and also...
d) the theme of my planner for this week one of MARCH-a-roo
is Think Pink...
it kind of follows along with my "WwKKd?" motif.
*Think Pink*
thinking positively,
celebrating being female,
thinking in bubbles
of fabulous-ness,
& setting the stage for moving closer
to a better version of yourself.

i wish you all *pink-thinking*and love love love.


  1. You too, MooOOoomb.
    Thank you for visiting & commenting!
    I hope you return. I love the company!


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