Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs, who do you think you are?

that's who you are?
got it.
i mean no offense, but
it's just friggin' frustrating
when you make something
so fun and *me* and perfect for SPrAnG
[that's what we callin' *Spring* these days, you know]
& then make it mad dough!!
[image found here.]
* * *
[info on it here.]
* * *
how is a girl
such as myself who works
Monday thru Friday
for $0 an hour
[-$5 an hour if i walk across & buy myself a snack during lunch]
supposed to rock such a thing meant for her to rock??!!??!!
I'm poor,
but only monetarily speaking, so...
...it's not so bad.
*** *** *** *** ***
Happy Tuesday.


  1. girrrl you better be signed up for shopstyle, shop it to me, gilt groupe, hautelook, ideeli and rue la la. they're all shopping sites that offer sale prices on stuff like that.

    it's not dirt cheap but it's a lot cheaper than regular prices.

    just an eff.why.i for you :)

    ps. that is a cute bag.

  2. i am signing up right after this comment...like, PRONTO! :)
    Thanks. <3


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