Saturday, March 6, 2010

me *venting*...[sorry]

i hate complaining,
but i need to vent!
i fuckin' swear!
this is the exchange that just
went down between my computer and i:
me: {enter}
-i start to write-
computer: {un-enter}
(repeat, times 14)
I have to say it here:
I fuckin' hate the computer settings shit
that goes down without my approval on this computer.
Like, notice how this post has NO SPACES??!??!!??!
Well, I put them in, but when I post, they disappear.
Like, "Fuck you, Amanda, we don't want no spaces!"
also, I can't copy/paste shit when in BLOG-typing mode.
I just tried to {ctrl + P} some text, and
it PUBLISHED it instead of pasting it.
I'm soooo PMS-ing right now.
i have 3 giant ZiTS [and counting] in between
my eyebrows to prove it!!
[ever notice **these fuckin' stars** all the time?
usually, I don't mind putting them, & they're kinda cute,
but i put them because all the spaces i
put in between lines get ignored!
so anyway,
back to my original venting before i
had to stop and vent about damn Blogger inconveniences:
after work yesterday,
i come home and slowly develop a headache...
a massive,
really bad one
[which - btw - I'm chockin' up to Dunkin' Donuts' Cappuccino Blast.
I went to Dunkin for a SMALL one yesterday,
but the middle-aged Dunkin Donuts man has a crush
on my sister and me and
gave me the UBER JUMBO drink instead
of the small one i wanted
because he thinks that's 'flirting' or 'being smooth'.
I'm one fuckin' person!
I wanted a small!]
worst night's sleep i had in a while
woke up in the middle of the night,
didn't go back to bed for the next four hours,
to wake up because i had a
dream that my boyfriend was cheating on me.
i texted him as soon as i woke up
read some BLOGs that are sooo much better than mine
and because i'm in the mood
i'm in, it made me green with emotion
that is...human, yes...but a waste of time, in my opinion...
...then my boyfriend calls me back
and i'm already in a volatile state because of
whatever, but
he laughs at my dream,
and i hate that he laughs,
and i want him to reassure me in my fragile state,
something like,
"Baby, I love you and you are the best girl for me ever,
you're so beautiful, and I would be a fool to cheat on you."
instead, he's like,
...i gotta do some laundry."
i know the boy didn't cheat, but I said,
"You know, you could tell me you love me, you know."
and HE SAID...
"...Baby, I said I love you so many times yesterday...'
"Okay, so let me get this straight,
because you told me yesterday...what does that mean?
That you have a three-day pass not to have to say it?
You should be BEGGING ME to let you say it one more time!!"
It ended with a few more choice, attitude-filled words and an abrupt hang up.
I hate that.
I'm now faced with my Saturday,
and...i'm pissed, to say the least.
i'm supposed to go to the mall with my Bitt,
which normally would probably lift my spirits,
but my room needs cleaning, as does prob a million other
things i should be mentioning,
and remember...i have no money, so...I can't even buy
those earrings for $4.80 at Forever21 that
would lift my spirits even a little.
I'm such a total bitch for complaining.
This post sucks, actually.
Ignore this post.
i assume, though, if you've read this far,
you didn't ignore this post,
and then i say thank you for
tolerating my obnoxiousness.
I'm well aware of it,
but sometimes, you got to air it out,
like a sheepskin coat, i suppose.Italic
i feel uber-sensitive this morning,
and longing for something
i don't have,
but i don't know what that something is.
oh no!
a cliche.
i hate cliches.
ignore this post, really.

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