Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what makes you feel *lucky*?

Happy Saint Pat's
to you!
If Valentine's Day is the day of the year set aside to focus on
then St. Pat's is the day set aside to focus on
I felt *lucky* right before my college class.
I finished all the bulls**t I had to finish before having
[lunch/dinner], and
found a bench, directly in the 65-degree sun outside my classroom window.
I *monched monched monched* on my create-your-own salad
equipped with corn, carrots, kidney beans, & peas.
became overcome
with happiness
at the quiet
& sun-bathing
that went on
in those 15-20 minutes.
Even my sweater was off!
Bare shoulders!
Bare shoulders
in March
in 65-degree weather
in NY!
Sun shining
on my bare shoulders
whilest I
*chomp munch chew monch*
on delicious greens!
[It was such a good time.]
the Sun
Springtime & Summertime!

So, I'm glad I got to experience that yesterday. I realized that anytime the Sun is hitting my skin, I feel *lucky*. i figure, "Wow, I could be stuck inside missing this warm feeling." In that moment, I'm glad I'm not.

Other things that make me feel *lucky*:

my *Bitt*

my *boyf* & the wacky, crazy adventures we go on

my friend *Elisa*

my *Grams* [there's a video of her lovliness HERE, if you can view it]

the 5th Grade class I'm student teaching in [today's my last day in it & they're throwing me a party!]

my *2010* is HERE & all of you reading it. Luck!

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