Saturday, January 9, 2010

the year IS *2010*, correct??

This post is coming from a very funny place:

Last night, the boyf walks in my door after work and goes,
"Wanna get ribs?!?!"
in the oh-so-excitable little-boy manner that he does.
I retaliate in my oh-so-excitable little-girl manner
and respond wide-eyed,
"Mmmmmm! Yes! Where?!"

After a few minutes of research we decide to try Tony Roma's .
We've both never been.

Upon arriving,
"table-for-two" ing,
waiting with the buzzer,
getting seated,
nagging the waitress to tell us all she knew about the ribs in the joint,
drinking our Michelob Ultras (we're both on WeightWatchers),
and ordering full rack of "the St. Louis Ribs" for dinner
& coconut shrimp to start
(the boyf surprisingly threw those in there knowing
how much I love them - I like when he does that),
we were finally settled in our booth.

He looks into my eyes, smiles, sighs a deep sigh and says,
"Ahhhh...our first official date of 2007."

We both paused,
looked at each other,
& started laughing.

Lord knows where his brain was at, but it wasn't Earth.

You can guess that every ten minutes, I was bringing it up.

He's a major *goofball*.

*Happy Weekend,*
reader bo-beader.



  1. Haha. I love the way you wrote this. I don't like the way I am craving ribs now!

  2. Thanks, PostGrad HC, for your comment.
    ...yeah...ribs. YUMMERS!!
    Hope to see you back soon!


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