Monday, January 11, 2010

i *heart* grub

2009 was the year of *culinary growth * for myself

*domestic* growth, as well
(i met Mr. Dishwasher and got quite acquainted with Mr. & Mrs. Washer-Dryer)

My cooking skills *blossomed* last year and I hope that this year only brings more savory selections made by *yours truly* to the table, or picnic blanket, or lap, or wherever life might find me chowing down.

Here are some of the many *dishes* made by me

above: mmmm...Italian-style artichokes (my favorite)

above: groundbeef torta with cucumber/tomato salad

above: our *easter* perogies, before frying

above: mmmm...our *easter* perogies after frying

more to come in 2010...stay tuned...
but while you're waiting,
think of these questions:

What was the last meal you made yourself?

What dish have you cooked yourself that you're most proud of?

What's one dish/food that you'd like to try this year?

What's your all-time favorite meal ever of life?

i *heart* food chat
i *heart* any chat

Happy Monday!


  1. Oooo the artichokes look so yummy! I've never made them!! I love making food! Recently I made the best veggie soup EVER! I also have a few really good pasta dishes that I make.

  2. Hey, Alicia...

    ...the artichokes WERE yummy!!
    I ate about 8 of the 10!! They're more work than I thought (cutting off the pointy tips, making the parmesan breadcrumb filling, etc.), but ther turn out SO DAMN GOOD.

    Veggie soup??!! Sooo perfect for this time of year! Do elaborate!! :)

  3. Those perogies and artichokes look really good. I'm gonna have to try those. In fact, I just need to cook more in general this year - the Boy has been the Cordon Bleu chef round these parts for most of last year and I fear my skills will get rusty.


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