Monday, January 25, 2010

still reading *eat pray love*

i'm still reading
i should really hurry up because i start my student teaching February 1st & i'm worried i'll not have time to recreationally read. [gasp!]
i made it to India.
(if you read the book, you know what i mean)
i made it to India and met Richard from Texas.
i've only just met him, and i love him.
Gilbert writes about Richard:
"His giant ambling confidence hushes down all my inherent nervousness and reminds me that everything really is going to be OK. (And if not OK, then at least comic.) Remember that cartoon rooster Foghorn Leghorn? Well, Richard is kind of like that, I became his chatty little sidekick, the Chickenhawk."
Oh my goodness!
I love the piece of advice he gives her on ego.
page 140.
I know a few people who I could give that advice to.
i urge you to pick up the book.
*tootle loo, for now.*

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