Monday, January 25, 2010

*ski-trip* is coming up

(pic above found here.)

we're leaving Friday, coming back Sunday

it's going to be:

Tomas & I,

Jamina & Lev

Michelle & Dan

Steph & Cezar

Damian, and maybe Romain.

should be a good time**

Have any advice for me, reader?

i've never been skiing

there might be some snowboarding

but I'm sure there will be a ton of snow being jammed in my face,

upon the inevitable falling and rolling, of course.

**should be a good time even though there's been recent drama with one of the couples listed above. it's not for me to say here, but maybe worthy of another post one day. maybe not. i just hope the weekend doesn't end in catastrophe. [crossing my fingers]

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