Friday, January 15, 2010

v*virtual PhOtObOOth*h

v*virtual PhOtObOOTH*h

i like the idea of this post b/c i friggin' looove *photobooths*
wit a passion. they demand you to be silly & in-the-moment

mine, above, shows me**
in my superhero *look*
with black nailpolish
shiny straight hair
over one eye
tan from the SuMMer sun
in bold, fierce comic-book colors :)
what would be my superpower??
I'll have to get back to you on that.
here's howta conduct your own
v*virtual PhOtObOOth*h:
- take 4 similar pictures -
- maybe jazz 'em up with picnik -
- upload 'em in a stacked format -
- smile, 'cuz you're you -
** please reader, my dear, do not mistake [me having too much free time to take pictures of myself] with [me thinking i'm the shit]. Believe me, I know i'm not. You, however, *ARE* the shit. To me, you guys rock!! *woot woot*
Okay, loves.
Happy Friday!!
Can't wait to see your v*virtual Phbth*h.
yours un-cool-ly,

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