Thursday, January 28, 2010

*to do* TODAY

(toDOlist above found here.)
the *To Do* list is
  1. Do Laundry [3 loads worth]
  2. buy my textbook on
  3. write a one-page autobiography on my educational background for my student teaching assignment starting Monday [ah!!!]
  4. pay my phone bill
  5. go to BANK & get $$
  6. go to Weight Watchers meeting @ 1 pm [i've been so chubby]
  7. make photocopies of a Lockhorn cartoon to hang on our ski-weekend cabin's fridge**
  8. go to H-Mart & get three big bags of edamame as a weekend snack
  9. pack for weekend
  10. straighten hair [probably in vain, because of the predicted snow sleet & slush]

all though your day can get hectic

and all over the place, I encourage you to find

steady breath and a sense of


for me, it will come in the form

of remembering these words I read in

*eat pray love* yesterday:

"I have searched frantically for contentment for so many years in so many ways, and all these acquisitions and accomplishments -- they run you down in the end. Life, if you keep chasing it like so hard, will drive you to death. Time --when pursued like a bandit -- will behave like one; always remaining one county or one room ahead of you, changing its name and hair color to elude you, slipping out the back door of the motel just as you're banging through the lobby with your search warrant, leaving only a burning cigarette in the ashtray to taunt you. At some point you have to stop because it won't. You have to admit you can't catch it. That you're not supposed to catch it. At some gotta let go and sit still and allow contentment to come to you."
this is what i expect to do this weekend.
sit still
(well, ski too)
but mainly just enjoy the snow and the cabin
and my last weekend of
i hope your *to do* lists are wonderful today and filled with at least one or two things amongst the bunch that set your *heart* a-flight
happy Thursday, reader.
** the Lockhorns cartoon that I'm copying shows Leroy in a hospital bed all bruised up with bandages and the doctor is holding an X-ray and saying to Leroy, "Want to see your ski vacation pictures?"
haa haa...that's what I'm afraid MY ski vacation pictures are gonna look like.

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