Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my *1995* is HERE

oh, ever the winds of *chance*
my sunday morning started with a
cup of coffee,
web surfing,
& flippin' through channels for
something decent to watch.
on the Fios guide popped my past:
& upon my soul signaling me to
keep it on,
I discovered it was
my favorite season,
with my two favorite characters
from all
10 seasons of the show:
*Dylan & Toni*
(pic above found here.)

The episodes that aired sunday morning
were first aired in 1995,
when I was in the 5th grade,
and I still
*to this day*, on occasion,
think about how much I loved watching
this fictional couple love each other.

Even though they're characters,
and their story is fiction,
in this case,
the fiction transcends the screen**,
and enters your heart.

i believe that's what it did for
me back in 1995,
only this past sunday,
fifteen years later
did ever the winds of *chance*
re-awaken their story in my heart
...and what timing!

i can only assume someone or thing
hears the confusion in my heart,
and wants me to know
it'll be okay.

i had to share this with you, readers,
because it had me in tears, on
a lazy sunday morning in my pajamas.

Here's some clips from
*Dylan & Toni's*

(great caption from the above clip @ 4:40)
Toni: Kelly looks absolutely stunning tonight, doesn't she?
Dylan: I really hadn't noticed. I was too busy looking at you.
Toni: Good answer.

Of course, Dylan asks Toni to marry him, but I don't have that clip.
But after the proposal, here's some more:

Dylan: All my life, people have told me I was running away from something. I always felt I was running to something. I just didn't know what that was until now. I love you. I always will.
Toni: You don't have to run anymore, Dylan...I love you with all my heart and soul.

The gorgeous song in the above clip is
Lyle Lovett

**reader, my dear, please don't underestimate the power of the T.V. as a vehicle for *art*. Just like the printed page, when written well & acted well, even a cheesy show like Beverly Hills, 90210 can be divine poetry. I encourage you to open your heart, and hear it. :)
Okay, I'm wiping the tears off now, hee hee.
I'm off to GRAD school.
I have a presentation to make today.
Love yous.


  1. i never watched 90210 consistently to be able to really follow the story lines... but now, after watching these clips, i want to :) and yes, i'm in tears now!

  2. I'm so happy that BLOGs make exchanges like this go down...I'm glad I wasn't the only one with snot rags everywhere!!
    I'm so about to go out and buy the $45 Season 6 DVD to have their story on demand.

    Have a great day, Alicia.
    Thanks yet again for your much-appreciated comment.
    You're officially my BLOG-friend. :)


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