Sunday, January 17, 2010

*outfit sketch* for the future?? maybe...??

oh my goodness, reader
i am soo f***ed up!
here i am *outfit sketching* myself in a wedding dress!!
I'm nowhere near ready to get married,
plus I'm pretty sure i don't believe in the institution of marriage itself,
yet here i am, knowing EXACTLY how I'm going to look on 'my wedding day'.
can you say "L"oser??!!
Well, as the picture says,
maybe this'll be me
*one day.*
(when my hair's just as long as in the photo...haa haa...)
Although I'm unsure about marriage,
i AM sure about *dresses*
my Bitt & I even made up a song about dresses
(maybe I'll record it & post it one day)
i *heart* dresses
what do you think on the manner?
to wed or not to wed one day?
how do you **know**??

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