Saturday, January 16, 2010

rihanna's *new TaT*

What do you guys think of Rihanna's new TaTtoo??
it reads backwards when you look at it,
and forwards when she looks at it in the mirror:
"Never a failure, always a lesson"
it says.
(pic found @

let's go there:

How many of you have them??
How many of you want them??
(*i raise my hand up* in answer to my own posed question)

i want a TaTtoo
I think they have the potential to be beeeeautiful
but i know my track record with things like this
you know, permanent things
(ooo...that dreadful "p" word)
it'll get f***ed up, i know it

I also have a horrible
track record whenever
i try to do something i think is *cool*
it most often is the total opposite
after i attempt it.
that's my middle name:
Amanda "UN-cool" Z, from NYC

sad, but true story.

So, do I want a TaT?
I don't know of what or where I'd put it, but...
...what do you guys think??

1 comment:

  1. That is really cool!! I like the idea of it... a reminder to yourself every time you look at yourself! A little power quote each morning when looking in the mirror!!

    I definitely want a tattoo! I've been trying to decide where to get one, I really want one on my wrist, but feel it's too exposed there. I think I've decided my left shoulder area -- in that spot, it can be seen in the summer time and hidden for work.


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