Thursday, January 21, 2010

RE: *outfit sketch* from earlier this week

(a post more on the lighter side than what i've been postin')
This post is a reply to
my post from earlier this week
about my
take on *marriage*.
Bottom line:
I'm so confused by marriage I could pee!!
So many of my friends
already are
[are getting] married...
...and *the shows* don't make it better:
Platinum Weddings
Say 'Yes' to the Dress
My Fair Wedding
...and then with this past weekend's
*Dylan & Toni*
Beverly Hills, 90210
*tear-fest* I had sunday morning,
my emotions were all over the place.
I really needed some comic relief
to balance out all
the confusion.
after extensive "research"
(a.k.a. aimless web-surfing)
I think I found
what might make me
feel better:

That'll do it.

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