Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*read* eat pray love

okay, I know.
I'm *late to the dance,*
as usual.
*eat pray love*
the extent to which *I* can talk about it is this:
"I started reading it last night. I'm on page 30."

I saw Elizabeth Gilbert on the Ms. Winfrey show
a couple of years ago, & wanted to read it then.
Picked it up now.
started it.
and *we'll see*.
(pic above found here.)

i know that julia Roberts has been filming the movie
version of the book due out
in August of this year. (pic above found here.)

up to page 30, the book's a good read. I want to read on, so how much better can it get? My favorite part so far has been *on page 24* when she talks about loving every minute of 'learning herself' Italian.

Gilbert writes that after her Italian classes she signed up for she would

"slosh home through the rain...draw a hot bath, and lie there in the bubbles reading the Italian dictionary aloud to [herself]...just speaking the words made [her] feel sexy and happy."

This makes *ME* happy because I'm from Italian decent, but lately...I don't know...I've been indifferent about it. Actually, I've always been indifferent about it.

I want to be Asian, I think.

I cannot pinpoint why this is so, and it's not like I'm ashamed to be Italian, but I guess I kinda feel like i'm not Italian. my family doesn't speak it, so I don't. We eat plenty of it, and cook just as much lasagna as the next group-a *pisanos*, mom and dad are from Queens.

I've never been to the homeland. I dream that when I do go to Italy, it'll all *click*, but Queens, NY is the culture I most identify with, and quite frankly, a lot of Italian people are just so high on the fact that they can call themselves "ITALIANO" even though they really don't know what that means.

(don't get me started on the MTV show Jersey Shore. don't even.)

I don't wanna be one of them.

page 24 of *eat pray love* however, struck a chord because here's a woman who appreciated something about my background so admiringly that I was proud to be of that background.

does that make sense?

(deep sigh.)

Gilbert writes

"Just speaking those words made me sexy and happy. My divorce lawyer told me not to worry; she said she had one client (Korean by heritage) who, after a yucky divorce, legally changed her name to something Italian, just to feel sexy and happy again."

reading this, my loves, made me grin from *ear to* droopy-lobed *ear*. I have a very Italian last name, and sadly, but honestly, it took this line in the book to change my perception of it.

I looked up from the book, said my own last name in my head and - for the first time ever - felt somewhat sexy and happy about it.


i'll keep reading.

If you've read it, check back HERE regularly and we'll BLOGGY-TAWK about it.

I suppose that's all for now.

Take care.

enjoy your *wednesday*


  1. if julia roberts is doing the movie, i'll definitely need to get that book read by august! i checked it twice now, but i have a problem with checking out too many books that i don't read many of them... this would be one of them. i think i just need to buy it... i'll for sure read it if i own it!

  2. Oh, good!

    I'm not the only girl in the world who didn't read it...
    haa haa!
    Yes -- it's a lot of fun so far.


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