Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*lindamichellebaron* comes to *Queens College*

she burst through the door,
arms waving wildly in the air,
& proclaimed, "I'm hear ya'll!
I'm famous!"
Animal-print jacket with red trim!!
the suede booties!!
...and it was raining out!
** ** **
She performed several of her poems, including:
If I Were Music
If I were music
I'd be jazz
So real you'd feel my pure pizazz!
Snazzy, jazzy...boiling ice
I'd never play the same way twice
When He made me
God closed his eyes
Heard the music
And improvised.
other poems she read were:
The Way to Start the Day
Even Weeds Have Needs
Daddy's Little Girl
You Talking to Me?
Yes, I'm Talking To You
a list of her poems can be be found here.
and for your absolute reading pleasure,
are entitled
i'm convinced that
if you read from these books
before laying your head down to sleep,
you will dream lovely, lively, spirited dreams...
...she was that magical.
she also wrote these words on the board:
"Gonna do it Got to do it
Gonna more than try --- Gonna make it
Got to make it
Get my piece of the sky"
she was clapping,
& while she 'sang' these words, she had us
bop our heads & swerve our necks...
...made us believe the words & the rhythm of the words.
i left so happy to have met her,
& of course I harassed her for a picture [it was just one!]
& then pretty much skipped out to my car,
& hummed all the way home.
when thinking about my future & my possible writing career,
i'm forever going to remember yesterday & lindamichelle B.
& try to stay focused
& remind myself
that I just:
"Gonna do it Got to do it
Gonna more than try---Gonna make it
Got to make it
Get my piece of the sky"


  1. Wow this sounds like it must have been amazing to see her live.


  2. Welcome, Jenny was it was it was amazing. I cannot stress enough!

    I just popped my head in to your BLOG & what a sweet space!!
    I see you're in wedding-mode. How joyous!
    I'll be regularly checking in.
    Thanks for the comment.

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