Saturday, March 13, 2010

me?? NOT current?!?! NEV-VAH!

So in order to outrun the risk of
"not being current"
here's the latest GaGa video.
I flip-floppin' love this song,
it's really fun music, but
that's about where it ends with me.

i love Beyonts, too.
She my girl, but it looks like she
hopped on the
GaGa train
right quick.

I would too, if i were her,
for fear that GaGa would bite me if I refused.
Straight up bite me. with her teeth.
...and then I'd get rabies.
Anyway...without further ado...
in the vain of
"I have to like this to be cool"...
the whack-ass *new*
What'd ya think?
Suh-Suh-Suh-tuh-day, luh-luh-luhvers.
[see that??!!
I could write songs too, Lady...


  1. this is completely not the type of music i listen to at all... but one of my good friends made us watch it... i have since watched it a few times and i totally want to do the hair roller cans for halloween next year!!

  2. Haa haa!!
    What about the cigarette glasses?
    Haa haa!!
    She's such a weirdo!


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