Sunday, March 21, 2010

an ostentatious cardinal, *neena* in the grass, & sunday morning breakfast

happy sunday,
march *21* 2010
** ** **
** **
This morning's been a great
first-sunday-of-Spring morning!!
** ** **
** **
I had a conversation with an ostentatious cardinal,
who i'm convinced was bragging to me about how
cool he looks in red, & about
how it's Spring & he's all excited...

...take a listen for yourself: show-off.

** ** **

** **


my cat was hanging, too.
*the miss* loves the sun on her fur...
...a little too much... What a basking-in-the-sun little priss I have!
Love her!
so while Dinah was outside basking in the sun & chewing on some grass, I made breakfast:

blueberry compote french toast & rice sausages, okay??


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