Monday, March 29, 2010

Everybody Loves...Maegan

I think it's about time to post about
one of my most favorite BLOGs to visit!!
*Maegan Tintari*
blogs about everything
'her life', with no holds barred.
She's an awesome DIYer,
& makes videos of hair-how to's.
[to get to know a little more about her,
from the blog Chic Steals]
* *
two of her
*classic wave*
hair tutorials

She's so funny. She shows her technique - exactly how you need to see it - & accompanies it with a personal story. It's a great watch.

[don't have a good view of the video above? click here.]


...and I'm so excited!

Here's my first attempt at Maegan's *classic wave* hair-how-to tutorial:

Not bad, eh?

It didn't come out exactly right, but I'm only going to get better at it.
Hey, Big Booty o'mine, STOP trying to HOG the shot!!

Damn!!!...and I got spanx on underneath!

smooth curlyQ, below, I love you!


Thank you, Maegan, for being an everyday source of inspiration for me.

*woot woot*

Happy Monday, to everyone!


  1. Great blog!!! Ima have to follow her too! Love this post! Always wanted to know the how to on that look, my hair is naturally curly and sometimes the soft wave is so much better! And spanx! FOR WHAT!?!?! lol

  2. Oh, how you flatter me, my BLOG-o-SPHERE Sista! ;) ...and yes, you will follow her. Her BLOG rules!

  3. i am and i tried the "do" this morning... quite happy bout it! YEssssss!
    * thanking the blog-gods for your blog! *

  4. oh this is the sweetest ever. Thank you so so much! Your hair is FABULOUS!!!! shiny!

  5. i totally agree. maegan is amazing! she is def my daily blog read too!


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