Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Goodbye Miss Zampelli Love, 5-308*

"I believe that my life's gonna see the love I give returned to me." -- John Mayer
It did...yesterday.
Yesterday was the last day of my six-week long stint of Student Teaching in the upper grades [5th, to be specific.]
Today I start my six-week long stretch in the lower grades [1st grade].
these kids have only known me for Six Weeks!
Mrs. Georgatos (their teacher) threw me a party at the end of the day, yesterday.
They had cakes:
and they said, "Goodbye" & "Miss Zampelli" & "Love, 5-308"
in glorious green frosting!!
I even got presents!!
The envelope in the picture above was from Taehoon.
Korean is his first language.
English is his second language, and is therefore very limited.
He managed to write me the
*awe-inspiring* note
in the card below:
(Yunjo is another Korean boy in the class,
his partner in crime,
his BFFL,
his right hand man,
his sidekick, etc.)
This note made me want to die with love.
I was so overcome, and the love kept on flowing...
...below is a poem and a present from Fatema:
I couldn't have chosen better words myself.
This was just what I wanted to hear.
Her gift to me:
"Lucky Earrings!"
Haa haa!
I gush.
I was dying when I saw this next present, below.
Rushaid had written me a story.
forever think
of my student teaching this way,
as Rushaid has described it:
It was a sunny bright day. Ms. Georgatos was fighting some people...violently. Kyle Tung came and said you have a new mission. Go to New York and train someone called Ms. Zampelli for a battle with the evil spirit. "I will not fail," Ms. Georgatos said.
So Ms. Georgatos went to New York searching for someone called Ms. Zampelli. She finally found Ms. Zampelli's house. The bell rang ting tong. Ms. Zampelli opened the door.
"Ahhh," she screamed, "Who are you?"
"I am Ms. Georgatos. I have come to train you."
"For what?" Ms. Zampelli said.
"For battling the evil spirit. All of your ancestors did it too."
"OOOkay," Ms. Zampelli said awkwardly.
"We have to start now," Ms. Georgatos said.
"OK fine." So she started training.
Ms. Georgatos said, "You have to master 4 arts: the art of the snake, the art of the knight, the art of the Jaguar, and the art of the dragon."
"You mean I have to draw a snake, knight, jaguar, and dragon?"
"No. You have to master them."
"Ohhh," said Ms. Zampelli.
They started with the art of the jaguar. You have to be fast at running and thinking.
"I will throw some balls and moon cakes at you," said Ms. Georgatos. "Learn to control them and dodge them in your mind, then do it psychically." The dodging started. Ms. Zampelli got hit by a ball, then a moon cake. Then, a football. By 3:30 Ms. Zampelli mastered the art of the jaguar.
Next came the art of the knight. "You must learn how to defend yourself like a knight. I will give you a shield. I will punch and kick you. Defend yourself."
The fighting started. Luckily, Ms. Zampelli mastered this fast so this was the easy part.
After that came the art of the snake. "You have to be as flexible as a snake," Ms. Georgatos said. "Climb up that 200 foot flagpole."
"I'm not doing that," said Ms. Zampelli.
"Ok. I just thought you wanted your phone back from on top of the pole."
Ms. Zampelli raced up the flagpole and flipped her way to her phone.
"Training is done," screamed Mrs. Georgatos.
"What about the dragon?"
"You have to earn that by defeating the evil spirit of Monster house. When you defeat it, you get the dragon on your arm."
The time came Chinese new year 5:27 Monster house rised. It shot 7 missels but Ms. Zampelli dodged it. Then monster house shot 7 bullets from a bullet gun but Ms. Zampelli ran away from it. Then monster house started punching ms. Zampelli, but Ms. Zampelli defended herself. After that, Monster house was going loko. The house needed to self-distruct. Ms. Zampelli has to climb it (300 feet) and press the self-distruct button on top. This is exactly what she did.
"All was well," said Ms. Georgatos. "I have trained you well. Look at your arm."
Ms. Zampelli looked. She had a dragon on her arm. Suddenly, Ms. Georgatos vanished.

...and that is the story of my student teaching adventure.
[Well, so far.]
[tee hee!!]
Emily gave me a bracelet.
FAITH, it says on the charm.

It's blue,
it's heavy,
& cool on my wrist.
It's perfect & lovely.

Next in line to share with you is
*my bucket*.
[i smile to myself, thinking what you must be thinking]
We read this book for Tolerance Week.
After reading it, everyone in the room made
a bucket for others to "fill" with compliments and nice words.
Here's some from my bucket:

It really was the best St. Patrick's Day ever.
Happy THuRSday.


  1. oh my! I can feel the love! Kids are soo sweet and totally emit pure emotion! I am doing a fundraiser for Educators Appreciation Week in honor of the many teachers of our children and this was an awesome way to show honor! My favorte saying for teachers is;
    "A teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others."- Unknown

    btw, great blog!

  2. Thank you, Jasara!
    Great quote.


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