Friday, June 11, 2010

run thoughts [*?*?*?]

the question at hand is:
What do I think about while I jog/run?
i've been reflecting on my thoughts
more and more with each day's run
just yesterday i
jogged a whole hour straight!
i've never done that
i've always jogged for ten minutes,
walked for five.
jogged for fifteen-twenty minutes,
walked for five.
i was trying to reflect what
got me through it,
what gets me through
any over-an-hour workout
where my body feels
here's what i came up with:

1. i always have to have music in my ear.

the music really pumps me up or calms me down. i try to update my playlist at least once a week because if my music feels stale, so will my workout. i usually visualize myself dancing up a storm in some awesome outfit while i'm running.


2. visualize

i'm a good visualizer. you heard me use that word above just now, and it's key key key in getting me through a run. i visualize my muscles working; i visualize myself at the beach; i visualize myself in a cute outfit [this is a big motivator]; i visualize myself surrounded by the feeling i get when i'm done with a run; i visualize myself AS. A. RUNNER. this is a little funny because although i've been keeping up with a 'running routine' since March, i still feel like I'm a runner-in-training, not a real runner. i treat running as meditation: just me, my music, my breath, and my body, tuning it all out.


3. i see my future, and set goals

not in a fortune-teller way. sillies. i'm able to realize that i'm a strong, capable, confident woman in my running, and i think about what future goals i want to strive for. being that i'm pounding the pavement in the moment, it feels like i can accomplish anything.


4. the time

i'm so aware of the time while i'm running. i usually run for about an hour and a half on my excursions.


5. randoms

so many randoms fly by my brain. at the same time as running's relaxing and a tuning-out exercise, it's also non-stop brain-power time. in my head, it sounds something like this at any given moment:

...should i cut my hair? is there a water fountain around here? oh, look at that chipmunk! why is my foot hurting? how much longer to go? jiggly thighs! is this foot pain normal? i love this song! what should i wear saturday? breath in breath out. the foot pain is gone! i wish i put on chapstick. i love my new adidas run hat. what homework is due next week? i don't know what i'm going to blog about tomorrow...?...oh, wait! that's a great idea! do i have to pee? i just went before i left!...


Haa haa!

Have any thoughts on my run thoughts?

If not, then, HappyHappyFri, sweet potato pie!

P.S. -- I just signed up this morning for a 5K over the Brooklyn Bridge on August 8th. I also just found out yesterday that a 5K is approx. 3.1 miles. I don't know if that's a lot or a little, because i haven't been tracking how far i run, but it's my first real run.


i'm excitey pants!

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