Thursday, June 17, 2010

*snap me out of it*

stuck inside
on this beautiful,
dry, 80-degree NY thursday,
tied down to finish
the last 100 pages
of the book i was forced to read for class.
this class really sucks.
reading sucks when it's forced upon you, like,
read, sucka, read!
the fact that i wanted to jog today, bike, or do something outside, and can't -- makes me want to bomb the school.
oh my goodness, i'm so melodramatic.
i am just one big whiner.
i could whine and whine and whine all day long.
i wish i could go outside, but there's only today, monday, tuesday, & wednesday left of this class, so...just gotta survive it. get through it.
needless to say, i'm depressed about my in-my-room lock-down.
whatever, though.
there are some things that *snap me out of it*:
1) a video of our friend, Alex, from last summer.
he's totally wasted,
dancing to some tune,
which was then set to Miley Cyrus's PartyInTheUSA
and played on loop:
this video always cracks me up,
and reminds me that *Summer* really
is almost here...
...i just gotta get through these last few days of bull*smack*.
2) i made this video using JibJab,
and it's Tomas and his buddies as
Chippendale's dancers
...this cracks me up every time I watch it, too:
haa haa!
OMG, ridiculous!
3) of course, the babies always send my soul flying.
they have been such a *blessing* since
finding them this past weekend:

Carmen Sandiego, top.

little Alejandro, bottom.

video love:



alright. gotta read. this.


Enjoy yuh Thurs, turtle shells.

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